Ask Stacy – Where ‘Noah’s Arc’ Meets ‘Soul Train’

DEAR L.W.: Are there any plans for Patrik-Ian Polk to bring back the series “Noah’s Arc”? Are any of the 1970s “Soul Train” shows on DVD? – L.S., New York, NY
DEAR L.W.: There are no plans for more episodes of the “Noah’s Arc” LOGO series that’s been called a gay, African-American answer to “Sex and the City.” The movie, “Noah’s Arc: Jumping the Broom,” which picks up after the show’s second season cliff-hanger finale and centers around the wedding of Noah Nicholson (Darryl Stephens) and his boyfriend Wade Robinson (Jensen Atwood), had a limited release last year and came out on DVD in February. As far as “Soul Train” episodes from the 70s, there have been no official releases. The main stumbling point apparently is license/royalty fees for the music. Episodes are easy to find on the internet, however – if you don’t mind fuzzy, taped-off-the-TV quality with Korean subtitles.