A Hit at Last for Mark Feuerstein?

Mark Feuerstein

Mark Feuerstein

Mark Feuerstein has been on the cusp of having leading man status for several years now, but it looks like he may actually have a bonafide hit on his hands with the USA show “Royal Pains.” His co-star Reshma Shetty says he certainly deserves the success.

“Mark is such a charming man in real life and his character is so molded to him. I hope it’s his time. Sometimes projects that are really good don’t work out for whatever reason, but hopefully people will keep watching and be as excited about it as they are now,” says the British actress, who plays Feurestein’s onscreen physician’s assistant Divya Katdare.

So far the cast couldn’t be more pleased with the show’s numbers.  “It was like the second-highest USA networks premiere show.  For the first time ever in the network’s history, we got more people watching the second episode. Then the episode after that we got a million more viewers.  It’s been overwhelmingly positive, to say the least,” notes Shetty.  “I think it gets better with every episode, and what I like is that there’s something for everyone.  The show doesn’t only focus on the rich people in the Hamptons and the ideas that we have about what that life is like, but it also shows a doctor who wants to do the right thing.  He’s there to help everyone from the fishermen who work on the coast to the rich socialites.”

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