New Directions for Adam Brody

Adam Brody in "Death in Love"

Adam Brody in "Death in Love"

Boaz Yakin’sDeath in Love” was greeted with downright hostility when it opened at the Sundance Festival. The drama, dealing with a woman who survived the Holocaust by having sex with a Nazi concentration camp doctor – and how her ruined psyche affected her now-grown sons — also garnered some raves, particularly for the performances of Josh Lucas, Lukas Haas, Jacqueline Bisset and Adam Brody. Now it’s going into limited release tomorrow (7/17).

“I love a good, interesting movie with good, interesting choices. I’d rather be in an interesting failure than a generic copy of a copy of a copy,” declares Brody. The one-time “The O.C.” actor tells us he had “no trepidations, not in the least” about getting involved in the upsetting, graphic film.

“From the first page, Boaz is such a smart guy and he’s throwing so many ideas at you, the writing gets to you,” he says. “For me, it was a classic New York indie film experience …I feel I get off really easy. Everyone else has to weep and/or disrobe. I’m the only one smiling in the movie,” he notes.

It’s a far cry from his famous Seth Cohen TV character, as in “Death in Love” his and Lucas’ characters “have a whole homo erotic thing going on with my teaching him to dance and so on. It would only have been uncomfortable if he’d been an a—hole, but he wasn’t at all.”

Brody’s back on the scene in a big way this year. He’s currently shooting the Kevin Smith comedy, “A Couple of Dicks” with Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Jason Lee and Michelle Trachtenberg. He also has the Diablo Cody-penned horror film “Jennifer’s Body,” opening in September. It stars Megan Fox as a possessed high school cheerleader on a killing rampage against men. For Adam, “It’s definitely the darkest character I’ve played. I’m a psychopath in ‘Jennifer’s Body’ – confident and dare I say a little sexual.” Does he weep or disrobe in that one? “No,” he replies, “but I do have a graphic thing I’m not going to talk about yet.”

with reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster