Jane Leeves is Getting Protective of Betty White

Jane Leeves Hot in Cleveland TV Land photo

Betty Mania continues.  TV Land’s June 16-debuting ‘Hot in Cleveland’ is in its first week of regular series production, and Jane Leeves is finding cast mate Betty White a wonder woman: ‘She’s 88 and she’s giving us a run for our money. She’s such an inspiration. No wonder everyone loves her.’

Leeves sounds a little protective of White, who plays the strange and saucy caretaker of the Ohio property rented by a group of powerful women from Los Angeles — Leeves, Valerie Bertinelli and Wendie Malick — in the show that marks TV Land’s first original sitcom. She says she found herself watching White’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ guest hosting stint feeling worried over whether she’d be overtaxed. ‘I thought they’d use her sparingly but they had her in every scene — and she killed,’ she points out with a laugh. Still, asked for her response to those now calling out for Betty to host the Oscars, the Emmys — everything — Leeves says, ‘Leave her alone.’

White, she adds, is taking it all in stride. ‘She’s so grounded.’

For Leeves, who became a beloved fixture on the TV scene herself with her 11 years on ‘Frasier,’ ‘Hot in Cleveland’ means a chance to go back to the half-hour format. ‘It’s ideal for me as a mom,’ says the British actress, whose daughter is nine now, and whose son is six. ‘It’s where I’m most comfortable. And the schedule is really great. I was looking at some hour-longs and my husband said, ‘No, please, we’d never see you.”

‘Cleveland,’ which has Sean Hayes as an executive producer, gives her the chance to play something completely different from her kind-hearted Daphne character of the past. — as cynical career woman Joy, ‘eyebrow archer to the stars.’

‘There was just something about Joy that I loved, something going on there,’ says Leeves. ‘There are a lot of layers to her, things that made her the way she is.’ At least one dark secret about the character will be revealed early on, she hints. ‘I can’t say what it is, but it’s a big one.’

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  1. Forrest Veys

    Betty White is Fantastic I actually hope she decides to do a lot more than 10 episodes. I can’t wait until the calendar comes out in Sept it is going to be awesome.

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