Angie Harmon’s New Series a Little Too Much of a Good Thing

Angie Harmon is back

Back in the series game with her July 12-debuting “Rizzoli & Isles,” Angie Harmon sounds…overwhelmed       

“I have more of a family and I have apparently more of a workload than before,” says the former “Law & Order” and “Baywatch” actress between shots of her TNT femme crime fighter show with Sasha Alexander.  “It’s a blessing on both sides.  That’s good.  I’m learning to balance.  This past week, we discovered I can’t be in every scene and do 40-some pages of dialogue and have this work.”

As we speak, there are only four more episodes to shoot in the first order of 10 episodes of the series, and Angie’s hopes for the show are high — if she gets her workload under control. 

The mother of six-year-old, five-year-old and one-year-old daughters with her husband, former NFL star Jason Sehorn, Harmon admits the show “came to me at a time when I was ready to retire, to pick up my girls and move away.  But then it landed on my front porch – a drama with an interesting character, on cable so I’d only be shooting five months of the year.  It was just what I’d prayed for.  And the person who was directing the pilot was at my wedding, a friend.  I really feel it was placed there for me by a higher hand.”

Early reviews are upbeat for the show, from Tess Gerritsen’s popular mystery novels.  In it, Harmon plays tomboyish Boston detective Jane Rizzoli and Alexander, formerly of “NCIS” is slightly eerie forensic medical examiner Maura Isles

Harmon has clearly taken a shine to her costar.  “Sasha comes over and she grabs me when she gets excited about something – like when we passed our third month mark working together.  She says, ‘It’s like we’re dating!’  I start laughing and say, ‘You’re really in my personal space and it’s freaking me out.’  She doesn’t. care.  She hangs on and on.  I really adore that woman.  Our families have vacationed together.  Our kids have gotten to know each other.”

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