Ask Stacy: Dianna Agron, ‘Glee’ and ‘Veronica Mars’

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Dianna Agron

DEAR STACY:  I enjoy watching “Glee” very much.  I read that Dianna Agron, who plays pregnant cheerleader Quinn Fabray, was a semi-regular on “Veronica Mars.”  I don’t remember her in that show.  What part did she play? – M.N., St. Clair Shores, MI

DEAR M.N.:  Agron appeared in three episodes in the 2006-2007 season only, in the role of rich girl Jenny Budosh, who masterminded the framing of an ex-convict working at Hearst College for a fraud actually perpetrated by herself and her friends

DEAR STACY:  I noticed on “The Bachelorette,” the name of the producer is Mike Fleiss.  My roommate says that is Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss’ brother.  Is that true? – Brandi S., Brooklyn, NY

DERA BRANDI:  No, the reality show producer is a second cousin of the notorious Heidi.

DEAR STACY:  Can you please tell me if it’s true that Danny Trejo was in prison?  What were the circumstances?  I think he is a very good actor. – David F., Hawthorne, CA

DEAR DAVID:  The actor who has appeared in many of the films directed by Robert Rodriguez, a second cousin of his, did indeed do time, for armed robbery and various drug offenses.  In fact, he was in and out of jail for 11 years, as he struggled with addiction from childhood on.  While in San Quentin, he became a champion boxer and completed a successful 12-step program.  Once he was out, he counseled others, and his efforts led him to the set of 1985’s “Runaway Train” with Eric Roberts.  He was offered a job as an extra to play a convict and since the movie’s theme was boxing, he began giving Roberts tips.  After the director noticed, Trejo was cast opposite Roberts and has worked in Hollywood since.

DEAR STACY:  Whatever happened to Audra Lindley, who was so funny in “Three’s Company”?  — Terry G., Springfield, MA

DEAR TERRY:  The Broadway and television actress passed away in 1997 due to complications from leukemia. She was 79, and still doing recurring roles on two series (“Cybill” and “Nothing Sacred”) the same year she died.

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  2. Glenn

    “While in San Quentin, he became a champion boxer and completed a successful 12-step program.” Danny Trejo is lucky enough to be part of the few who manage to beat the addiction in prison. Rehab is not that big in most prisons.

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