Brooke Elliott Talks About What’s in Store on ‘Drop Dead Diva’

Brooke Elliott Drop Dead Diva Lifetime Photo

“Drop Dead Diva” star Brooke Elliott reports that the just-launched second season of her Lifetime series is at least as star-studded as the first season was, or more.  Viewers can expect to see Lee Lee Sobieski, Robin Givens, Jasmine Guy, Rosie O’Donnell back in her judge character, plus Sharon Lawrence and Kurt Fuller as Elliott’s parents,  plus Cybill Shepherd.  “She was a riot and so much fun,” says Elliott.  “She plays a character that’s sort of like Meryl Streep’s in ‘The Devil Wears Prada.’

“They’re all so great.  We’re so humbled by the fact they want to come play with us,” she adds.

Elliott’s ability to make her insanely complex role work is crucial — as viewers of the series, and critics, are well aware.  How many actresses could convince us they’re a ditzy model who came back from heaven and is inhabiting the body of a zaftig crusading attorney who has left residual personality traits behind?   But the Broadway-bred actress remains quite modest-sounding about the impact she’s made.  The network’s website and other “Diva”-related comment areas are full of grateful remarks from fans who love the series’ approach to body image.  “It’s wonderful to hear.  When people talk to me about the show, they’re so polite and kind,” Elliott says.

Playing Deb the model/Jane the attorney “does take a tremendous amount of focus, to be sure,” she allows.  “There are always questions to figure out about when Jane is influencing Deb’s behavior.  I’m always making sure everything is seen from Deb’s perspective.  It’s one of the tricky parts of the job and the most fun.”

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