Cat Deeley Happy to Have ‘My Babies’ Back on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

Cat Deeley

“So You Think You Can Dance” host Cat Deeley is psyched up over the changes and additions on this season of the hot Fox summer show.  She’s especially happy about the addition of “all stars” — top competitors from seasons past the likes of Lauren Gottleib, Stephen “Twitch” Boss and Comfort Fedoke – coming aboard to partner with the newbies and help them do their best.

“It’s lovely to see them back – they’re my babies,” declares the effervescent Brit.  “I’ve been following their careers, seeing who is in what movies, who is going out on tour.  It’s like they’ve been out of college and now they’re coming back.”

She adds, “It’s really going to be beneficial for our top 10.  Their friends, their families, the judges – nobody can quite understand the pressure cooker that is this show as well as those who’ve been through what they’re going through.”  Of the newcomers, she says, “I keep reminding them to keep enjoying themselves.  Yes, it’s a competition.  Yes, there’s one winner.  But it’s also about having an amazing life experience and friendships that could last the rest of their lives.”

Deeley remains super enthusiastic about her role.  “I love my job, I just love it!  I absolutely love this show.  It gets better every season.  The changes refresh and reinvigorate it.  I love going live, seeing what’s going to happen.  There will be ‘must see’ moments and undoubtedly moments that go off track that will make for water cooler conversation the next day.”

Her delight in doing live TV began in England, where she honed her skills doing a  morning show where she put in “three hours live, 52 weeks a year for six years.”  Now it seems Deeley could pop up anywhere – like guest hosting Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor” when that British hit competition show makes its way to these shores.

Indeed, some pundits have all but signed her up for “X-Factor” duty.  But she says, “At the moment, it is actually a case of crystal ball time” as to whether she could turn up on that show.  “It’s not coming on this year, not even next year, but the year after that,” she reminds.  “Of course it was a massive success in the UK.  It’s a brilliant show.  I’m sure it will be equally as triumphant here.”

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