Cat Deeley on the Prowl for Style

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“So You Think You Can Dance” hostess Cat Deeley certainly has her own dance card full – not only with the popular Fox show, but also with her jewelry line. The Birmingham, UK-born fashionista started a slow roll-out of her line with a bib necklace in December. She’ll be introducing viewers to a new range of pieces on QVC today (6/18). She’d like people to know, “The thing is that I love it, I absolutely adore fashion and have since I was a little girl. It’s not like I’m taking something and slapping my name on it. I’ve really worked hard on this.”

Deeley describes her Cat Deeley Vintage line as “basically, vintage-inspired jewelry. Lots of times you’ll hear someone say, ‘Oh, it’s vintage’ when they’re asked about a piece of jewelry. If you flick through fashion magazines, you’ll see vintage all the time. But what vintage, what style? The normal, average woman does not have time or inclination to go out searching for great pieces. My whole idea was, bring all these treasures that I’ve found on my travels, adapt them, change their shape, size, color.”

Treasures? “When we’re out on the audition trail, I always go on the hunt for hidden treasures,” she explains. “I go into a city and – I always do research before we go, and find the best vintage places — then I out at five in the morning and by lunch time I’m finished. Or I hit the shops when we finish work on the show early. I always, always find treasures. New York to New Orleans, Miami to Memphis.”

Which cities are the richest to mine for such baubles?

”I like going to the cities where maybe people aren’t so clued up on vintage,” she answers. “If you go to New York or Los Angeles, there are a lot of people looking in the same places. But if you go to Salt Lake City or Memphis, or New Orleans, not everybody is looking for the same things.”

Busy Cat – who serves as her own stylist on “So You Think You Can Dance” — says “I might move into other articles as well, but this is a good starting point for me. When we presented ideas to the QVC guys, they said, ‘Okay, let’s start with jewelry.’”

MEANWHILE:  Cat admits that ‘SYTYCD”  revolutionized her view of the art form of dance.   “I’d get taken to the ballet to see ‘The Nutcracker’ at Christmas time and things like that, but I never fully connected with it before,” she says.  “On the show, you know, occasionally something really, really magic happens with the right choreography, the right music, the right dancers and you watch and your hair stands on end.  I didn’t know dance could do that.  I can’t tell you why in technical terms.  I don’t know the names of the movements.  Like any great piece of art, it gives you the chills.”

Deeley makes it clear she has no aspirations in the dancing realm herself.  Her talents lie in hosting.  “I do a lot of prep, yes, I’m a big old square about all that,” she says.  If she seems ready for anything, it’s due to experience:  “I did so much live television when I was back in England – a three-hour daily show, live, 52 weeks of the year for six years.”  As far as whether things ever went out of control on her old show, she recalls, “Slash once came on and, it was a morning show, and he said very inappropriate things.  But we moved on.”

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