Holly Madison Likes Being in Driver’s Seat

Holly Madison

Holly Madison likes being in the driver’s seat.  The bottle blond beauty, who rose to notoriety as one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends on the hit “Girls Next Door” show, has her own “Holly’s World” E! series premiering Sunday (6/13).  And she’s happy to say, “I definitely have more control this time, as a co-executive producer, and it’s great.”

The half-hour show, which was teased with an opening segment back in December, has Madison hastening back and forth between her work as star of the Las Vegas Peepshow strip revue and partying, more partying, other activities, and partying — supported by her assistant, Angel, her roommate, Laura, and her male buddy, Josh.

“I was pretty adamant which characters I wanted on the show, which people keep it real with me,” she tells us.  “I always thought Laura and Angel would be great, and Josh – he really pops onscreen.”

As for what she wanted to do with the show, “Just capture more reality, capture the day-to-day, and definitely the drama moments.  You can’t prescript all the time.  My main thing is I just want to keep the spontaneity of the show.”

Life has “been pretty crazy” all year for the 30-year-old Holly, “juggling everything with doing a show onstage six nights a week.”

Asked about how she keeps her 36D-23-36 body in perfect shape, she laughs.  “Doing a cardio workout for two hours a night really helps.”

There’s also the book she’s preparing for Fall release, a unique travel guide to her adopted home town. “I absolutely love Las Vegas.  It’s like a small town with all the energy of a huge big city.  My book is really more for people in my demographic – 18-34 – with not only Vegas history, but a guide to things to do.”

Speaking of things to do, we notice reports that she had her Playboy logo tattoo, that used to ride on her lower back, removed.  Was that due to sad memories?

“I had to cover it for everything I do, cover it with really heavy makeup, and I got tired of that,” she says.

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