Kyra Sedgwick — Empty Nest, Full Life, Deserving of Emmy at Last

Kyra Sedgwick

Emmy nominations ballots are due in today (6/21), and “The Closer” star Kyra Sedgwick’s name is certainly among those being bandied about by awards pundits.  For instance, ABC News’ website prominently featured Reuters scribe Janelle Tipton’s commentary calling it “a crime” that Sedgwick hasn’t won an Emmy for her portrayal of Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson as yet — despite having been nominated each of the seasons the hit TNT series has been on.

“I love that, that’s so nice,” responds a smiling Kyra.  “It’s really amazing to get nominated — and the fact the show has had consistent nominations is really, really great acknowledgement for all the hard work, and we’re so appreciative of that.  But I have to admit, it would be nice to hear my name called.”

A factor in her favor is that Season 5 of “The Closer” was “really an emotional season, starting with the death of Brenda’s cat – this creature that she didn’t want, that showed up on her doorstep, that she took in begrudgingly, but then connected to despite herself.  There was her Dad having a heart attack, her relationship with her niece, Charlie, the death of the boy in the second to last episode, ‘Maternal Instincts.’  Every time she let someone into her heart, something happened and it’s devastating.”

Now Kyra is six episodes into shooting of Season 6, which debuts July 12.

Leaving her family – husband Kevin Bacon and their son and daughter – behind in New York while she was shooting the series in L.A. filled her with mixed emotions in the past.  “But it’s easier this year because my daughter – our last kid – has graduated from high school.  Everyone is off to fly the nest and as horrific as that makes me feel – it makes me want to cry just saying it out loud – my people on the East Coast don’t need me so much.”

Being college bound, daughter Sosie won’t be returning to “The Closer” this season to reprise her role as Kyra’s wayward niece.  And Kevin, who has directed episodes of the show in the past, is sitting out this season because “he’s busy with a lot of his own things going on,” says Kyra.

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