Adjusting to Tedium of Film Set a Few Simple Steps for ‘tWitch’

Stephen"tWitch" Boss

“So You Think You Can Dance” All Star Stephen “tWitch” Boss admits that it took some doing for him to get used to working on a movie set while making Disney’s “Step Up 3D” feature that opens Aug. 6.

The dancer is used to grueling physical workouts and learning routines fast, under high pressure.  However, “filming is a very, very tedious process,” he notes.  “I’ve learned to really respect the process, how it’s all about ultimately setting up the best shot.  There is a lot to learn on a set.  And if you’re not in the mood to learn, there is a lot of down time to take a nap.  You could have a 12-hour shoot day, but you spend the first 10 hours sitting around and then maybe the last two hours on camera.  Or your time could be split up in little sections throughout the day spread over 13 hours.  I found that it worked best to bring a couple of different books, a couple of playthings – and keep my interest by switching up throughout the day.”

The popular tWitch says he’d love it if in, say, three years’ time he’s “still teaching dance – traveling around teaching – and doing movies, not so much dance performance any more.  I want to get more and more into acting, playing characters that way.”

He also has a fashion line in the works, but it isn’t as close to being ready for unveiling as has been reported elsewhere.  “We’re still in the grassroots phase.  A lot of people have fashion lines.  Right now, I want to make sure I’m using my voice for what I want to say.”

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