Have Tissue Ready to View ‘Breakthrough With Tony Robbins’

Tony Robbins

When motivational guru Tony Robbins debuts his powerful new NBC “Breakthrough With Tony Robbins” reality show July 27, viewers will see such astonishing stories as that of a man who broke his neck at his own wedding reception and became a quadriplegic – who discovers he can still have a full life through a string of challenges that includes skydiving over Fiji.  He and his wife…well, have the Kleenex ready.

Robbins tells us that there was so much more story to each of the six hour-long shows he’s prepared, “We’re going to do a ‘Breakthrough’ Insider kind of site.  These were 30-day journeys, and so much more happened than we can show.”

Indeed.  Late legendary basketball coach John Wooden gave his final pep talk to a single athlete — Juaquin Hawkins, once known as the Oldest Rookie in the NBA, who in 2008 suffered a stroke that ended his career and left him unable to speak.  Wooden’s meeting with Hawkins was part of Robbins’ plan to help him find his way to a new life.

“It was the last thing John Wooden taped, and it’s not even on the show,” says Robbins.  It will be on the website.

So will the behind-the-scenes saga of the tragedy-touched wedding couple, Frank and Kristen Alioto, who are seen in the premiere, and their harrowing trip to Fiji.  According to Robbins, it took some doing to even convince them to leave their house, she was so worried about his seemingly-fragile state.  “They’ve become dear friends,” he says.  “They sent me a message:  ‘Guess where we are?  Camping.’”

Not surprisingly, Robbins says he’s been approached numerous times about doing a reality show through the years.  He warmed to the idea as the economy got ugly.  On a “Today” show appearance, he found himself with three minutes to impart wisdom on how to cope.  He wanted a better way.

“I’m not one for b.s. positive thinking, but showing people whose life is slammed, step-by-step how they can turn it around – no matter how tough your life is.”  He has two executive producers from “The Biggest Loser” and one from “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” with him on “Breakthrough.”

With his crammed schedule of 50-hour seminars around the world, prison work and other service activities — in addition to 12 companies — Robbins says he’ll have to find a way to clear time to do more shows.  “If the audience is there, we’ll do more next year.”

THE BIG SCREEN SCENE:  A November release is now being plotted for “Queen of the Lot,” as in the sequel to Henry Jaglom’s popular “Hollywood Dreams” of 2006.   That’s the word from Tanna Frederick, who plays that queen: Iowa girl Margie Chizek-turned-starlet Maggie Chase.  Sounds as if the parody could have been ripped from recent headlines, as Tanna reports the new film will find our not-so-happy heroine “wearing an ankle bracelet on house arrest.”  She’s made three action films, “but she’s angry.  She thinks her career sucks because she wants to be making serious films.”  “Queen of the Lot” also has Noah Wyle, Mary Crosby, Peter Bogdanovich and other Hollywood players doing cameos as themselves.

AN ALIEN EXPERIENCE:  With an August start date looming for the Will Smith-Tommy Lee Jones “Men in Black III,” filmmakers are still looking for someone to play Andy Warhol in the off-the-wall sci fi tale – that involves time-travel back to the 1960s.  Warhol is no mere cameo, we understand, but actually helps Agents K and J in their quest to save the world from an evil dude named Yaz (yes, he’s named after the problematic birth control brand) to be played by Jemaine Clement.  Josh Brolin plays a younger version of Jones’ Agent K, who’ll be working with today’s Agent J.  Got that?  Judy Dench is in as M.  ‘Sixties era celeb look-alikes and hippies will populate the flick – many of whom will be revealed as aliens.

ANOTHER ALIEN EXPERIENCE:  Talk about a heretofore unexplored world for the movies.  “Joy Luck Club” producer Janet Yang is preparing an indie film about expatriate Chinese Americans adapting to life in Shanghai, called “Americatown.”  Characters include Sam, who is sent by his U.S. company to head up their Shanghai office, makes blunder after blunder, and  discovers “the home he’s always longed for is nothing like what he imagined” (per casting notices).  Also: Sam’s English-speaking assistant, Fang-Fang; a Caucasian Southerner named Donald; and “Kung Pao Pete,” a local who is fluent in Chinese, French, English and Japanese.

6 thoughts on “Have Tissue Ready to View ‘Breakthrough With Tony Robbins’

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  2. Paul V Harris

    I cant wait for this to show. I am looking forward to the 27th. We all have the power to make huge changes in the world and it is our time to make those changes. Tony inspires us all to teach what we have learned about life. It is time for us all to step up and make a positive impact on the peoples lives we come in contact with.

    Paul V Harris

    Be the inspiration.

  3. Tom M

    I believe Tony will put on a great show. I wish him the best success. This series demonstrates Tony’s heat and efforts are true and in the right place. Maybe season II can include breakthroughs for Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan.

  4. Tony listener since 1990

    I can’t wait to watch Tony in action again. I attended his seminar back in 1992 and did not know that after 5 hours we were expected to do the fire walk.

    I did not believe I could do it because years ago I had suffered 3rd degree burns on my feet. I was a baton twirler in high school and was rehearsing with the band during the summer. I had flip flops on and one of them busted while marching on the boiling hot pavement.

    This is the kind of pain you NEVER forget.

    There were approximately 1000 of us at the Hilton Hotel @ LAX and he told us to take off our shoes and socks and walk up to the roof of the Hotel where 12 lines of fire coals were waiting. I went through the motions fearing I would quit just before walking over the red hot coals and just hoped for a miracle.

    I was one of the lucky ones. Tony was at the front of my line and when it was my turn to walk, he asked me: “Are you ready?” (how can you tell Tony no?). He said “Just repeat: COOL MOSS…COOL MOSS”.

    Well, the drumbeats synchronized with my heart and I looked up to the starry sky and DID IT!!

    After they threw cold water at my feet, I ran to the back of the line again to do it again because I didn’t believe I had done it.

    Tony said: “Always remember that if were able to walk on fire today, you can achieve anything you set your heart out to do.”

    He was RIGHT!! Thank you Tony.

  5. ellen hargrave

    stumbled on this article on huffpost that comes to my email…spent the last hour pouring over the videos promoting the july 27th “breakthrough”…i work with mentally ill adults and this will be on my list for them to watch and see what can be done with perseverance…one of my persons in particular has read several of tony’s books and needs help in the self esteem area…he will be thrilled to be able to see the program…thanks, tony, for your heart and commitment

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