Brooke Burke Talks Looking Your Best at Any Age

Brooke Burke ABC photo

What’s the best way to age gracefully?  “One of the most important things is not to try to hold onto your twenties,” says Brooke Burke, a drop-dead gorgeous 38.   “You see these people trying to turn back time and it doesn’t work.  The best approach is to look your best at any age.”

With her latest job – taking over as host of TV Land’s “She’s Got the Look” competition reality show for wannabe models of 35 years and older – Brooke has given the topic of lovely women of a certain age quite a bit of consideration.

“We have a 55-year-old woman this season who is stunningly beautiful, confident, and certainly capable of giving the women in their thirties a run for their money.  Feeling beautiful is a big part of it – the mental attitude,” she says.  “You can see that as you watch these women finding their own confidence.”

For Brooke, “She’s Got the Look” fits nicely into the world of women she’s been communicating with and pitching to on her website – women with children, women who buy her Tauts belly shapers, women past the twentysomething and single season of life.  The industrious Brooke, who rose to fame hosting the E! channel’s “Wild On!” and appearing in Playboy pictorials is, these days, into the juggling season – with four kids and her man, hunky David Charvet, in addition to her career.

And what a busy career.  She’ll be seen on E! getting ready for this Sunday’s (8/29) Emmy awards.  On Monday (8/30), she’ll be joining Tom Bergeron to announce the celebrities participating in their next season of “Dancing With the Stars.”  (Insists the Season 7 winner-turned-cohost of the show, “No, I don’t know anything yet.  I’m completely in the dark.”)

Soon after that, she’ll be turning in the manuscript for the autobiographical book she reports that Penguin plans to publish in February.  “I’m excited, although I have to say it does make me feel very vulnerable.  It’s really an emotional thing to go back and dissect your life and think about the things you did right and wrong.  It’s very revealing.  I’m sharing most of my experiences very honestly,” she says.  “It’s in three parts – mother, lover, woman.”