‘NCIS’ Boss Rocky Carroll Talks Career Longevity in Hollywood

Rocky Carroll CBS photo

Look for a major two-part storyline ahead on “NCIS,” in which “we’re going to deal with Cote de Pablo’s character, Ziva, and her father, who is the head of Mossad,” reports the series’ Rocky Carroll.  It’s so big, it will also tie in with Carroll’s other show, “NCIS Los Angeles.”

Playing NCIS Director Leon Vance, the boss on two series, “People have the idea that I practically have to Medevac from one set to the other, but it’s not that way.  The fact my shooting schedule is not nearly as grueling as others’ is what makes it possible for me to go back and forth.  I like to say I have the greatest part-time job in television,” says the amiable Carroll.

He says he feels lucky indeed, in fact.  “I’ve been in Hollywood 20 years now and I’ve done five different shows as a series regular for one network.  Not a lot of people can say that.  There are Emmy and Academy Award-winning actors who are on the Where Are They Now list who’d give their arm to be working.”

Carroll adds philosophically, “When you’re a young guy on a hot show, and you have the attention of the entire town, you think that’s the world.  Hollywood is the world’s greatest party, but one day you find out your name’s not on the guest list anymore.  Mark Harmon has been on the guest list for decades.  That’s rare.”

The well-liked veteran actor feels that career longevity hinges on this:  “You’re only as good as your reputation.  It’s a small town, and once you’ve done a few things, they already know you before go in.  If you have a great reputation – you show up on time, you’re collaborative, you do the work, you make it an enjoyable experience – that takes you a long way.  If you don’t, well, I know some of the most talented people in this industry who walk around wondering why they have trouble getting work.  It’s their reputation.  You think the heads of studios and networks don’t talk to each other about what someone’s like to work with?  They do.  It’s the same in any field.”

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