‘Real L Word’ Couple Surprised by Lesbian Criticism

Nikki Weiss and Jill Goldstein Showtime photo

Engaged couple Nikki Weiss and Jill Goldstein of Showtime’s “The Real L Word” aren’t surprised that the series – Season 1 comes out on DVD Oct. 19 — has been the subject of controversy.  What has surprised them is, “The lesbian community has been the most critical of us.  That was amazing to me.  I was shocked.  I joked in one of the episodes that Jill and I don’t define ourselves by our sexuality; it’s part of who we are along with being aunts and daughters and the rest of the things we are.  That comment sparked hatred.  People were very vocal on our fan page,” Nikki says.

On the other hand, fans have written in thanking them for making their lives easier and making other comments “that are so rewarding for us.”

“It would be a pretty tall order to expect us to represent everyone in the lesbian community,” says Nikki.  “With only six of us on the show, how could we possibly do that?”

Asked how they feel about sex on the show and in its promotion, Says Nikki, speaking of “The Real L Word’s” Whitney Mixter, “She crossed some boundaries, they captured it and used it.  It keeps the conversation going.  It’s better to be talked about than not.”

“It is premium cable, it is Showtime,” adds Jill.  “I guess it is my hope that if a couple of scenes crossed lines, that it’s not the only thing people take away from the show.”

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    Sometimes what the ‘community’ forgets is that it is there so people can have their individuality and diversity respected. What is the point of creating an open-minded counter-culture that superceeds the original culture in its close mindedness? Jill and Nikki were just a cool couple in love; if people want to attack such harmless seemingly good people then they really want to question what point it is they are really making. You go girls!!

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