No Privacy These Days for ‘Pit Boss’ Star Shorty Rossi

Shorty Rossi and Hercules Animal Planet photo

            With the second season finale of “Pit Boss” coming up Oct. 23, star Shorty Rossi is awaiting word on Season 3 of his reality show.  The fedora-wearing, 4 ’1/2” tough guy  talent agent, who runs a pit bull rescue operation, definitely wants to continue with the popular Animal Planet series, though in some ways it sounds as if it’s turned his world upside-down.

            “Our workload has quadrupled, so that’s a hard thing,” observes Shorty.  Also, “It’s amazing how many people watch Animal Planet.  We’re recognized everywhere we go.  I don’t have a private life no more, that’s over.  I live part-time in Mexico.  That was my solace, but now the show is being aired in Mexico and I’m getting recognized there.  I just came up from there.  Even the toll road inspector said, ‘I saw you and the dogs.  I saw you on cable.’  I went uh-oh.”

            Rossi, in case you didn’t know, has a seriously improbable back story – including leaving his unhappy home by age 15, living with a friend’s family in Watts, becoming a gang banger, getting convicted of attempted murder (among other things), and doing 10 years and 10 months of hard time in Folsom Prison.  The little person ex-con’s first post-prison gig was in an Alvin the Chipmunk costume at the Universal Studios theme park in Hollywood. 

            Recent episodes of his Saturday night “Pit Boss” series have taken him back to his old juvenile detention cell and other haunts, and have been hinting at a reunion with his estranged parents, who stayed away when he was behind bars.  How has it felt to revisit so much personal pain?

            “Some of it brings catharsis.  Some of it just says, ‘Get over it, go on with your life.’  The future is not bound by the past,” stresses Shorty, who’s been seen trying to talk sense into wayward teens from time to time – and stays in touch with a few of them.

            He gets loads of fan mail letters and emails these days, from “nine-year-olds to 90-year-olds,” he says.   A little girl recently sent in her dollar allowance to help with his dogs, which Shorty admits he found touching.  

            Ahead on “Pit Boss,” he tells us there are confrontations coming, “and, as a matter of fact, we go to Mexico.”  Ahead for Shorty himself:  ongoing advocacy for the controversial dog breed he knows as loyal and loving companions; and, possibly, a book.  “There’s a lot about what it was like to get from there to here that hasn’t been covered,” he says.

15 thoughts on “No Privacy These Days for ‘Pit Boss’ Star Shorty Rossi

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  2. Leanne Stefan

    You are my HERO!!! I LOVE the difference you’re making. God has a way of turning things around for all of us, no matter how low life can seem. I pray you’re able to continue your passion in life for these precious pitbulls. THANK YOU!!!

  3. Sharon Leffler

    I just love your show. I watch it every time I get a chance. I think Shorty is
    handsome and his staff is excellent. I love Ashley, Sebastian, and Ronald.
    They are great. It is really a great show. I also love dogs, and I don’t like to
    see them abused either. thanks for your show. Keep going. Love it.


  4. Char J

    Hope Shorty and Animal Planet will due a season 3. I love this show! It is refreshing to see a realty show that does not feature ditzy housewives. Having been a pit owner I know what loving dogs they can be. To critics of Shorty’s mission I say remember any dog can snap and become vicious under the wrong circumstances, and every dog deserves a loving forever home.

  5. Char J

    Hope Shorty & Animal Planet due season 3. I love this show!! It is refreshing to see a reality show that is making a difference in this breeds lives. Having had a pit I know how loving they can be. To Shorty’s critics I say any dog can become vicious under the wrong circumstances, and every dog deserves a loving forever home.

  6. kara

    I do hope Pit boss does come back I want to see if the crew comes back or not.
    After they walked out on him. And left him high and dry, I do hope Shorty has learned something from this.

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  10. jeanette

    saw the last show on Saturday night, and finally saw a lady i had met years ago. Kathryn Segura, she is a great dog/ animal trainer, hope she will be on more shows at animal planet, and of course, shorty has her back as a guest.

  11. Kevin

    Actually I taught Amanda did a great job on the show. She was paid to play the heel (bad girl) and reading from these comments. She did her job well. Hate to break it to you all, but Pit Boss is a reality show. Meaning it is 90% if not 100% scripted. Shorty and his crew are all actors. The original pilot episode that Shorty pitched to the networks had nothing to do with dogs. It was all about Shortywood. The only reason Pitt Boss is now on Animal Plant is because Shorty threw the pitt bull dogs to help dress up his pilot episode for the TV networks. I mean come on do you really think three little people can rescue pit bull dogs?

  12. Kendrick Granlund

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