Lisa Rinna High Hopes for Season 2 of ‘Harry Loves Lisa’

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin TV Land photo

Lisa Rinna and husband Harry Hamlin are anxiously awaiting word on the future of their “Harry Loves Lisa” docu-reality show.  Will TV Land give it a Season 2?  “I don’ t know!  I don’t know!” she responds.  “We only finished shooting the first season a couple of weeks ago.  The big finale episode is Nov. 10 and I hope millions and millions of people watch it.

“We’ve so enjoyed doing the show and people have really responded to it,” adds the feisty actress/boutique owner/Hollywood denizen/author.  “There’s nothing nasty about it.  We don’t call each other b—-s and b——s and other horrible things like they do on so many other shows these days.  There’s so much value in it.  It’s really vulnerable television.”

That’s vulnerable as in the finale, which takes Rinna through her much-talked-about lip reduction surgery, reversing the effects of cosmetic tampering that began with collagen injections in 1988.  “There was a lot involved.  We have two young girls and we think about, ‘What message are we sending out here?’  We really let people in on it, something I never expected to do,” she says.

But one thing she and Harry had in mind was showing the reality behind the celebrity life, and certainly correcting cosmetic work that’s gone awry falls into that category.  “We take the curtain back and demystify it,” as she puts it.

Certainly there is no mystery about how hard the Hamlins work.  Besides their show, they’ve been on his ‘n’ hers book tours, for their “Starlit” and “Full Frontal Nudity: The Making of an Accidental Actor” tomes, respectively.  And they’ve continued to oversee their Belle Grey clothing boutique in Sherman Oaks in the San Fernando Valley.  In the news recently for being robbed, Belle Grey is now back to normal, says Lisa.

“You’d never know anything had happened though we lost $25,000 worth of stuff.  We got it all back in business, I’ll tell you, because it certainly boosted our web business.”

6 thoughts on “Lisa Rinna High Hopes for Season 2 of ‘Harry Loves Lisa’

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  2. Esther

    That Harry and Lisa deeply cherish each other rings throughout the series. They treat each other the way we should treat our mates; moreover, it is effortless kindness. American mindlessness needs this decent, funny half hour. This is the what reality should be. (It is so for one couple, why not for millions more……) Forget all the trashy, mean spirited reality and fictional TV. We can all use a healthy dose of this genre— evocative of a kinder and gentler disposition on the tube.

  3. David Jacob

    They love each other, and that’s great. But honestly these two are so nauseatingly shallow and self absorbed it just ruins any kind of interesting chemistry between them. I sincerely hope this show doesn’t come back.

  4. Lynne

    I watched “Harry Loves Lisa” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Certainly hope for a Season 2!!!! And yes I would have to say the main reason I enjoyed it so much was because there was none to little profanity and none to little sex sex sex. If thats all your brain can handle…..then tune in to the Kardashians shows. I wonder how that family looks in the mirror at night…..Good luck Harry and Lisa in all your future endeavors.

  5. Kim C

    I am still anxiously awaiting for Harry Loves Lisa, Season 2. I loved this program and the rawness and naturalness of it. You could tell it was real and not scripted. The love they have for each other is so awesome to see after this many years of marriage, especially in Hollywood and these days.

  6. Barbara

    I really want to see Season 2 of Harry Loves Lisa…..When will it air…..I loved Season 1….but it was so long ago…..PLEASE We would LOVE to see season 2!!!

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