‘Ghost Hunters International’s’ Kris Williams Compares Foreign and Domestic Haunts

Kris Williams Syfy photo

As the newest member of Syfy’s  “Ghost Hunters International” team, Kris Williams is among the few paranormal investigators qualified to answer the question of whether stories of hauntings are alike or different in North America and other parts of the world.

She says, “There is a difference in that there is so much history overseas.”  With the domestic version of “Ghost Hunters,” “The 1700s seemed old.  But, well, for example we walked into a castle in Germany and asked how old it was, and they very matter-of-factly said it was built in 1190.  Also, you hear more stories of torture.”  Ew.

Williams says the team has been exploring stories of hauntings that date back to World War II and World War I as well.  Next Wednesday’s (2/2) show has the team “at a fort in Serbia that dates back to the late 1600s, but there was a settlement at the same location that goes back thousands of years.  There were some battles.  There was an execution wall where they’d line up prisoners.  It was creepy.  People felt like they were being watched.  There were lights and apparitions.”

The pretty 29-year-old admits, “If you’d have told me six or seven years ago that I would be traveling around the world looking for ghosts for a living, I’d never have believed it.  It’s a lot of fun.  I’ve always been a history nerd, so this touches my interests in history, travel and the paranormal.”

But, doesn’t she get — you know — scared?  Williams laughs.  “I grew up in a house that was active, and it wasn’t unusual to have conversations about it at the dinner table when I was young.  I grew up a bit of a tomboy.  I’m not that easy to shake.”

Her first ghostly encounter was when she was four, she tells us.  “My mother told me the story of how I came downstairs and told them I was talking to my great-grandmother, who I was close to, and that she was smiling.  And I asked, ‘Why is she saying goodbye?’ That was how they found out she had died.”

52 thoughts on “‘Ghost Hunters International’s’ Kris Williams Compares Foreign and Domestic Haunts

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  2. Ben

    Ms. Williams is certainly one of the nicest, sweetest, most sarcastic ghost hunters out there. And, frankly, she is one of the most pretty nerds out there.

  3. Arthur

    It seems to me that the Americans are afraid of ghosts and most Europeans are hoping that they have them. If they have a haunted castle “Bring on the tourists!”

  4. Denise

    I was happy to see you join the GHI team. I lived in a house when I was a little girl that was haunted. I am not sure when it was built, but it was at least 100 yrs old. Strange things happened there all the time, like; one night when my Aunt was taking care of us, we heard some people walking up the side walk to the house and heard them talking. We thought it was my parents coming home, but there was no one there! I was 6 when I saw an apparition of a ghost like figure with skelton feet. My brother and I looked in the side door of the barn where I saw this apparition and something had a hold of me and he had to pull me loose! I have had lots of other experiences since then.

  5. hunterdog62

    I agree… Ghost Hunters found a real jewel when they added Kris Williams to the team. She’s really beautiful and she adds a real quiet demeanor to the show. Glad she’s being allowed to witness ghostly adventures overseas!

  6. Shannon

    Enjoy watching you and Barry on the show, I do enjoy the way you guys work together. Great move on your part. I never watched it until you went on.

  7. Angelica

    Kris is a talented investigator. I enjoy watching GH & GHI. I truly got chills when she spoke about her great-grandmother.

  8. Kim Storzum

    I’m a big fan of both TAPS and GHI. Do you think you will ever do any investigations in Scotland in the area of Colladen? I understand there was a huge battle there in the early 1700’s and a lot of people died both Scttish and English….just wondering. Kris you are an awesome investigator and how you work with the TAPS guys and the GHI bunch is so much fun to watch. I myself don’t find you to be a nerd.

  9. John Train

    I really enjoy watching Ghost Hunters and when GHI came on it was nice to see Kris and Britt on there. I like the episodes that have some of the guys from the states. nice to have a little bit of familiarity overseas.

  10. Branden

    Keep on ghost hunting in North America, or Overseas. It doesn’t matter which show your on, because i watch them both (GH) & (GHI). They’re both great shows!!! But, I like the one your on, because I think your very Beautiful, & Professional. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

  11. Karen

    I am so happy that Kris is with GHI and experiencing so much more in locations in Europe. I love her personality, humor, kindness to others and her inquisitiveness when investigating. I love the old history behind these ghost hunts. Keep up the good work!

  12. Cyndi Belleville

    Anniversary dates of historical events and deaths have alot of spiritual activity check out these dates before you go hunting. You’ll experience and gather even more evidence. Kris is an excellent researcher, go for it. I’m a big fan.

  13. s reedy

    congrats on joining ghi do miss you and amy together but you and barry make a great team as well. what happened to rob and dustin? will donna ever come back?

  14. Dee

    I love watching both shows. I live in an active house. I onced asked if my house is haunted. I was told haunted no. I have many spirit guides that are here. They turn my TV on, open and close doors and my kiddy gates. They come with me from place to place. My mom is very sensitive. She has had several visiters in their home. Personally I think it runs in families.

  15. Manny

    Ms. Williams is dearly missed as part of the Ghost Hunter team, both girls are fun to listen to and watch…hope Kris makes her way back but I’m now a viewer of Ghost Hunters International because of Ms. Williams.

  16. Bob

    I must agree with Ben in that she is the prettiest of the nerds. If I were a ghost, and she came calling, I would definately come out of hiding.

  17. Kay Rye

    When you are in another country whose native language isn’t English why don’t you have someone who does speak the native language. If you ask the ghost to do something like make a noise he/she may not understand.

  18. sarah

    how can you contact ghost hunters to let them know about a haunted place you would like to see if they would be interested in

  19. Rita Palmer

    I had my first experience with ghosts or demons in 1999. There were these three black blobs floating around. I ask the church members what they were and they told me ghosts. I also saw one over a church lady’s head and i told her and she said she had had a bad day. My daughter saw her mirror fly across the room. She also heard the whisperings. I am wondering now if seeing ghosts could be in families. I also just saw my mom close up in a dream or was it. I said to her “mom, you have nice skin.” She said “so do you.” and vanished…hmmm, it is so interesting, i wish i could go on a ghost hunt…Really appreciate your show…loves my Wednesdays!!

  20. Bonniejean Johnosn

    Although I hate to see Kris go from G.H., as I have been watching her since the beginning, it will be interesting to see what she brings to the table for G.H.I. I am a long time fan of both shows as I have my own exeperinces since I was little. Kris having now worked for both will be able to mix the way they do things @ G.H. with the way they do things @ G.H.I. to hopefully make easier or less compliated @ least ways. Since she has “her way” down pat, she can offer what she knows to them. I have always beleived that foreign haunts go allot farther back in time then domestic. We can also learn allot from them in the manner of the truth or how things were then compared to now. Set things straight. She will make a great addition to G.H.I. but she better come back for some shows here too!!!

  21. John Kennedy

    Kris, Being in those 1000 year old places has got to be AWESOME. When are you guys or regular Ghost Hunters coming to Michigan? I have been interested in the paranormal since the 80’s. Please come to the UP of Michigan. Thank you and keep doing what you are doing, i would kill to do what you are doing. Love you and the show. Peace and Love.

  22. Stu

    Kris…..being a bigtime fan of the crews of GH and GHI….I’ve always wondered how foreign spirits ALWAYS seem to know the English language…..and can respond easily in English. Does one automatically become multilingual when you pass?

  23. Rebecca

    I <3 ghost hunters and Kris Williams has got to be the greatest ghost hunter ever!! At least in my opinion. 🙂

  24. Kerry

    I’m curious like Stu. I notice Barry at least tries to speak to ghosts in their native tongue when he can. We joke about this a lot! LOVE the show, and you are my “Show no Fear” hero!!

  25. dave irwin

    hi chris, my name is dave irwin. my neice sent me some pictures today that her girlfriend took of her yesterday. the first picture looks normal and the last picture looks normal, but the second picture looks like she has smoke or somthing on her left side. i would love to send them to you and see what you think. this is no joke, her father died about two months ago and i think it could be him . thanks chris, love the show.

  26. Bill

    Kris are you going to stay with GHI or are you going to bounce back and forth with GH in the off season. We have what we think is a haunted college here in Urbana, Ohio and would like GH and you to come and check it out. That would be awesome.

  27. Sheila

    You are my absolute favorite female ghost hunter! You have more guts and are less scaird than most of the guys. Keep hunting, we enjoy your approach. GHI really lucked out.
    Plus, you are stunning…proving once again that ‘tomboys rule’ love the pic!

  28. Richard

    Hi, Kris. I have only watched the shows online since I work on the swing shift, so the programs are over by the time I get home. I loved the way you and Amy worked together on Ghost Hunters. Even though you were initially startled by sounds, apparitions, etc., instead of running away, you would both charge in there to find out what it was. I know you will be a great help to the other investigators on GHI, especially Susan Slaughter, who is new but has great potential. Take care.

  29. Disgusted

    That’s the most incredibly obtuse and arrogant statement anyone has ever made. Shame, shame on you, Kris, for being so shockingly and insultingly ignorant of pre-Columbian history. The most recent evidence proves that Man has occupied the Americas for at least 50,000 years. European and other immigrants are only the most recent arrivals. She has obviously never been to the ancient Mayan pyramids, or Chaco Canyon, or even Mesa Verde. Over the course of 50,000 years, the lives of millions of persons came to pass. Is she utterly oblivious to their spiritual presence? Apparently, she only recognizes ghosts from the most recent 200 years of American history: a blink of an eye, in relative terms.

    Is her point that only Europeans leave ghosts behind? Or is her point that, due to the genocide, cultural destruction, and forced assimilation of North and South American indigenous cultures by her ancestors, there are few traces of those civilizations left to be exploited, due to it all being paved over for more shopping malls and chain restaurants? Kris, your comments deeply insult an entire race of people by denying their very existence. Shame on you.

  30. Missy

    Kris is one of my favorite on the show, actually, I think she is my favorite because she does really investigate and not mch gets to her! My question is: Is there some sort of ritual, ceremony or just a circle that you guys have to say anything for protection against maybe evil energies or something bad? I’ve always wondered if you do or do you all just do whatever you want on an individual case?
    Thank you and keep it up!

  31. Neal Shimojima

    Hi Kris,I really like GH&GHI.I have had a few incounters myself in high school. The house of a good friend of mine I know was haunted.I witnessed things that there was no other explanation.His grandmother had died and his little sister was very close to her,she had a pic of her over her bed.She was posed at a left profile in the pic,well the night after the funral she went to bed early. About an half hour later she came out crying and said she was talking to grammy and she said it aould be ok.The next morning she screamed when they went in her room her grandmother was faceing the wrong direction the back of her head was showing the next day it was the oppasit profile.One day I was playing fetch with theyre dog when he got tiered he just left the room and left the ball all of the sudden the ball flew across the room and hit the wall about 20feet away.Had a few others but you get the idea,wierd but cool!!!

  32. gail from australia


    dont you and the team get really freaked out in some of the places? Also what was it like to work with steve and dave – it looked like a great deal of fun?

  33. Jeanne Leary

    I think you’re great Kris and I would love to have your job! My friends and I have visited a couple of haunted locations in my life and I loved it. I was a Tomboy too and I stayed for the duration-no running and screaming like Brian did when he was still on the show. I was glad Jason finally sent him packing! I hope you’ll be on the show for many years to come.

  34. Kelly

    WE need to get GHI up in Canada. My friend in the U.S. has said the show is excellent. What a great opportunity for you Kris!!

  35. Elizabeth

    Have you ever watched Ghost Adventures on Travel Chanel? They do some serious ghost hunting. Okay they to taunt a lot to to get the responses they get. They also get some serious evidence too. Full body aperitions.

  36. John

    I envy anyone who gets to travel the world and hunt ghosts for a living. Your being a cutie just makes the show easier to watch and helps kill the lies a woman can’t be pretty and smart. Keep up the good work!

  37. DARRIN

    Kris I think your the best I watch alot of GH AND GHI I do ghost hunting too I would really like to go on one of your hunts get back with me if you can

  38. Dave De La Vega

    Kris’ azz is getting huge.
    She may need to update her breast implants to keep up.
    PS: Looks like the commentor “Disgusted” is in love with her.
    Way to go Disgusted, if you two hook up perhaps she’ll let you move in with her.
    No more mud hut!

  39. jared

    luv ghost hunters international, academy, and ghost hunters and i had a ghostly expperience once simalar, my mom told me i was staring down a hallway and saw this man and it was a house one of my dads stepdads had died in but my mom said i justpointed myfinger up (i was about 3 or 4) and said momma whos that and she said i was pointing at no one! also my parents said when you went in the bathroom you felt like you were being watched and u wuld just want to get out of there as fast as you could!

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