Arnold Schwarzenegger Love Child Story Yields Shock and Awesome Money-Making Opportunities

The only surprise about the latest round of exposes of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s
rampant unfaithfulness is that so many people seem to be surprised.

They wed in 1986. By 1992, the now-defunct Spy magazine ran its
remarkably humiliating, detailed story of movie star Schwarzenegger’s womanizing ways, complete with a photo of the body builder in full frontal glory — or not.   Copies are now for sale on eBay, so you can look there to find out what act Arnold referred to as “polishing the helmet.”

By 1993, journalists were exploring a possible tie-in between hugely
excessive costs on his “The Last Action Hero” flop and Heidi Fleiss’
call girl and drug operation. At the time, Schwazenegger used some of
his most breathtaking Terminator tactics for terminating unwelcome
questions — responding with threats of legal action by one of his
attack lawyers. Yes, we remember it well.

The “Action” issue came up again when he ran for governor, which led
Fleiss to threaten suit against The Los Angeles Times and The Boston
Globe — not exactly gossip tabloids — claiming harassment. She was
quoted saying: “Somehow some rumors have gone around that I have some orgy footage of Arnold with two women. I have nothing of the
sort….Arnold has never been a client. I don’t know him, never did
business with him. I have had nothing to do with him.”

Needless to say, everyone rested easy after someone of such obvious
veracity stood up and went on the record at last…Orgy footage? Hm.

All of the above is merely some of the most well-documented detritus
of Schwarzenegger’s past rumor-filled life.

The fact that he managed to lay so much scandal to rest with a meagre
mea culpa back in 2003 is a testimony to 1) how desperate Californians
were to get someone effective into the governor’s office; and 2) the
power of his movie star mystique.

Now Schwarzenegger’s got another “Terminator” movie in the works and
Oprah’s got his estranged wife Maria Shriver for an interview and maybe
a show, and Maria is also working on a book about life transitions.
Someone else is no doubt working on a book about Kennedy women sticking with their men through anything — until now.  And TMZ and its fellow stops on the gossip track are making hay with Schwarzenegger sex
scandals — again.   And probably a couple or more of the cast of characters involved in the latest revelation of Arnold’s secret love child will be selling their stories before we’re done with all this, too.

The money-making possibilities are just breathtaking. If only California got a cut.