‘Bridesmaids’ Melissa McCarthy Matter of Fact About Body Image

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy’s career is surging, what with her role in the big-screen “Bridesmaids” that opens this weekend, her “Mike & Molly” stardom, and  other projects in the wings.  So she can definitely afford to laugh at that much-talked-about magazine writer’s declaration last year that she didn’t want to have to watch “fatties” in love.  Looking back, McCarthy tells Entertainment Weekly, “In all honesty, my first thought was ‘Gosh, I hope she doesn’t have a daughter.’”

In a feature featured in the issue hitting stands tomorrow (5/13) the mother of two girls talks matter-of-factly about her own body image.  “Please, I don’t throw on a dress and go, ‘That’sperfect!’  But I do quite often go, ‘Well, it’s not changing today, so just go out and have fun and stop worrying about it.’”  McCarthy has another female ensemble comedy that she wrote with “Bridesmaids” cowriter Annie Mumolo, and director Paul Fieg is developing a romantic comedy for her, EW reports.  A plus-sized movie star?  McCarthy says she’d love to be big on the big screen.  “Yes. Are you kidding?”