George Clooney’s Just One of Hollywood’s Swarm of Sexy Leading Men Over 50

George Clooney

Suave, talented, sophisticated, confident, cool under pressure, handsome….Sigh.  Those are some of the attributes of movie king George Clooney, who just turned 50 in May — and just went on the market again, with the announcement last week of his and long-time girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis’s parting of ways.  Much was made over George’s new AARP eligibility, but he need not fear.  There’s no question that the Oscar-winning super star is aging sexy – something a number of Hollywood’s prime-of-life actors are showing they can do quite well.

With our life expectancy lengthening, and with 40 being the new 30 and so on, these guys have it even better than their predecessors of 25 years ago – and leading men have ALWAYS had it better than leading ladies when it comes to career longevity.

Denzel Washington

Obviously, two-time Oscar-winner Denzel Washington is still looking great and making big movies at age 56. The strikingly handsome 6-foot-1/2 Denzel recently addressed the graduating class of the University of Pennsylvania (where son Malcolm is a junior), daring them to dare.  “I’ve found that nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks. Nothing,” said the actor, who is reportedly close to signing for the lead role of the alcoholic hero pilot in Robert Zemeckis’ “Flight.”  Wed for 28 years to wife Pauletta Washington and the father of four, Washington proves that you can be a family man and still be tres sexy.

Jimmy Smits

Jimmy Smits has said he doesn’t see himself as sexy. That makes one person who doesn’t. Ever since he came into the public eye as lawyer Victor Sifuentes in “L.A. Law,” Smits has made hearts race across the land. He was born July 9, 1955 in Brooklyn, New York, stands 6-foot-3 and holds an MFA from Cornell University. The actor who played both “Star Wars'” Senator Bail Organa and the President of the United States (“The West Wing”) keeps proving his versatility with surprising turns like his villain role in “Dexter” a couple years back.  Next up:  hosting A Capitol Fourth, the 4th of July concert in D.C..         

And if we’re talking sexy older men of “Star Wars,” well, you can’t leave out Samuel L. Jackson, 62; Ballymena, Northern Ireland’s own sexiest leading man, Liam Neeson, 59;  and obviously Harrison Ford leads the way.

Liam Neeson

Samuel L. Jackson

Ford certainly seems younger than his age, which is a vigorous and vital, helicopter-piloting, Calista Flockhart-marrying 69. The movie icon who gave us Han Solo is about to get his Indiana Jones hat back on for a fifth Indy movie, according to his younger leading man cohort, Shia LaBeouf.  Shia told MTV News at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards that Ford is staying in the gym because he knows George Lucas is “out there looking for a MacGuffin.” 

Harrison Ford

Fifty-nine-year-old Mark Harmon was People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” back in 1986, when the football star-turned-actor was a mere lad of 34, and he’s still got “It” as his “NCIS” reigns among network dramas. 

Mark Harmon

Richard Gere, 61, got the “Sexiest” title in ’99, at age 49.  You can argue for your Dennis Quaid, 57, Bruce Willis, 56, Jeff Bridges, or several others as sexiest leading man age 50 and over.  Not bad.  It’s something for Johnny Depp, who is now but a mere two years away from HIS AARP eligibility, to aspire to.