Guy Fieri Would Be Glad to Become the ‘Culinary ‘Jackass”

Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri has “Jackass” guys Steve-O and Ryan Dunn on his “Minute to Win It” season premiere tomorrow night (6/8) — so, will there be some tit for tat ahead with the energetic Guy turing up in a “Jackass” movie?

 He’d love it.  “I’m gonna tell you, I’m a huge ‘Jackass’ fan.  My wife and I were watching ‘Jackass 3’ in our hotel room just the other night and it was so funny.  I love those guys.  They’re terrific athletes as well as performers. Yeah, hopefully I’ll become the culinary dude.  I think they need a culinary dude,” Fieri says with a laugh.

In fact, Fieri really would like to expand his public presence into movies and, maybe, a sitcom role.  By hosting “Minute to Win It,” he notes, “I was able to show that I can do other things outside the culinary world.  I would love to see that opportunity come about within the next year.”

The laid-back California restaurateur and all-around foodie has more than enough on his plate already, with his ongoing Food Network commitments, his newly-released book, Guy Fieri Food:  Cookin It, Livin’ It, Lovin’ It.  And, of course, “Minute to Win It.”  He tells us that he suggested bringing “Jackass'” Dunn on his NBC game show as a celebrity guest playing for charity since they’ve been friends for a few years.  From there, the producers wondered about Steve-O.

“It’s always hard for people to understand who celebrities are and what kind of people,” comments Fieri.  “Ryan Dunn is a great dude, and you gotta love Steve-O, the way he’s taken control of life lately and all this.  They’re really genuine about what they’re trying to do,” he says, referring to Dunn and Steve-O playing for the Teammates for Kids Foundation and the National Down Syndrome Congress, repectively.  “They’re showing their true characters.  They didn’t have to do this stuff.  These challenges aren’t easy.  And it’s tough, too, when you’re used to being surrounded by your buddies doing something nuts, to just be out by yourself.  This is taking them out of their typecast situation.  My respect for them as people has quadrupled.”

The usually-indefatigable Guy admits he is feeling bushed as he’s wrapping up his 16-city Food Tour — that combines a live cooking event, music, a “Minute to Win It” challenge and more.  “It’s been nuts.  It’s as close to a rock ‘n’ roll food show as you can get.  I’ll tell you, the year we did it, I said, ‘I don’t know if I’ll do that again.’  But then a year went by, everyone got rested up and here we are again.  I give it up for every band out there doing this touring.  Now I’d say there’s a better chance that we will do it again than that we won’t.”