Francis Ford Coppola Still Pushing to Innovate at Age 72

Francis Ford Coppola

At an age — 72 — where many of his stature would be content to rest on their considerable laurels, Francis Ford Coppola deserves credit for not only continuing to make movies, but continuing to push for innovation.

He’ll be showing his latest, “Twixt,” to a Comic-Con crowd in San
Diego the 23rd, and the gothic horror movie promises something old (live music) and something new (mixing 2-D and 3-D, plus interactive elements).  This is the tale, originally titled “Twixt Now and Sunset” that the five-time Oscar winner of “The Godfather” and “Dracula” films dreamed up — literally, waking from a night’s sleep with the concept in his head — while on a trip to Istanbul.  He made it largely on the grounds of his own home in Rutherford, California, with Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Ben Caplin and Elle Fanning.

“Val Kilmer plays a Stephen King-type writer and I play the sheriff of the town,” Bruce said of the story involving an author who stumbles onto a a real-life murder mystery while on a book tour.

Coppola himself told us that he’s found renewed vigor. making his self-funded independent features without all the pressures and strictures of big budget studio flicks in recent years. “I am definitely having the fun and adventure of a second film career with different rules to it,” he said.  “I’m doing more of what I wanted to do.”