Lea Thompson Happy to Get Her First Crack at Romantic Comedy Movie

Lea Thompson Hallmark Channel photo

Lea Thompson says she didn’t have to think twice about the prospect of making the Hallmark Movie Channel’s “The Cabin” movie that premieres Saturday (7/30).  The actress of “Back to the Future,” “Caroline in the City” and her current “Switched at Birth” series fame points out, “I’ve done so many movies, and so many TV movies, but oddly enough, never a romantic comedy.  So to get one in my late forties is kind of appealing.”

The movie has her as a divorcee who takes her children to a gathering of the clan and sporting competition event in Scotland — only to find that her cabin has been double booked with a family headed by handsome-but-difficult single dad Steven Brand.  Lea found the Dundee, Scotland-born actor to be “really funny, and really sweet” — and their interaction fun to play.  There were, however, unexpected challenges on the production, which actually took place in Ireland, Scottish tartans notwithstanding.

“There’s a good reason why Ireland is not Hollywood; the weather is so uncooperative,” Lea observes.  “It was really cold and really wet.  They were like, ‘It’s a vacation movie.  It’s summer vacation.’  And I was like, ‘These leaves are pretty orange.  Can we put on a sweater?'”

“The Cabin” also demanded a great deal of physicality.  “They must have said, ‘We need someone to toss the caber.  Let’s get Lea!’  Crazy, huh?  I wondered how much they were going to let us do, but we did all that crazy stuff.  I was so amazed that no one got hurt.”  The one-time ballerina also got to show off her footwork in a dance sequence.  She notes, “The crew always appreciates it when you do something physical.  It brings everyone together.”

It was a special family time for Lea herself.  “I brought my sisters along — Colleen and Shannon.  All my life I thought they had Irish names, and now we find out that they’re fake Irish names.  Real Irish names are much more interesting.  We are Irish, so it was really a dream come true to be there together.”