Campaign to Revive ‘Men of a Certain Age’ Gains Steam

Andre Braugher, Ray Romano, Scott Bakula TNT photo

An online campaign to resuscitate Ray Romano’s canceled, but still beloved “Men of a Certain Age” is apparently building.  Launched by viewer Jeff Martinous as soon as cancellation news hit the Internet earlier this month, the campaign headquarters at a Facebook page linked to a petition —  We’re told that viewers unhappy about the cancellation of the show have received official word from co-creator Mike Royce that their voices are being heard — and that negotiations are in progress on multiple fronts.  Royce has tweeted: “Please go like this page and sign its petition. Then laugh a too-loud righteous laugh.”

You never know.  After all, social media got Betty White on “Saturday Night Live.”

3 thoughts on “Campaign to Revive ‘Men of a Certain Age’ Gains Steam

  1. Carmina Soto

    Yes! this show deserves to be saved. It is well written, funny and very true to life. It seems to be the trend to keep shows like the Kardashians, the bachelor and the like on the air, while great shows like these are being canceled. we should speak up for quality and keep it on the air. Would’nt it be great if all those shows were canceled while great show like Men of a Certain Age were kept in the air?

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  3. judy edwards

    Are you people crazy? This was a true to life show without being a “reality show”
    You said the decision was difficult, well if TNT doesn’t take it on, maybe another network will. This was a winner.

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