Lisa Kudrow Loving the Webisode Life

Lisa Kudrow isn’t worried that the growth of her “Web Therapy” show — from an internet comedy bit to a Showtime series — will lead to a more intense work life than she bargained for.  Not at all.

“That’s what I love about doing this show — because to do  15 webisodes?  It takes only a weekend to do that.  I’m not kidding.  It takes a few more weeks to prepare outlines and all of that,” she tells us.   Lisa — who has been doing her
three-minute “Web Therapy” blasts on LStudio since 2008 —  says she’s still
hands-on with all aspects of the show on which she plays the narcissistic,
frequently bored, self-styled therapist Fiona Wallace.  Wallace’s guest
clients have included a string of A-listers, from Jane Lynch and
Courteney Cox to Meryl Streep.  More big names are coming up (Rosie
O’Donnell, Conan O’Brien) and Lisa told press last week that she hopes
to get more of her former “Friends” cast mates to come in and join the
improvisational fun.  She’s awaiting word on a Season 2 pickup.

At first, Lisa was making all the calls to get friends to come in andplay on the show.  “We definitely had to start off with people we knew — but we didn’t know Lily,” she adds, speaking of Lily Tomlin, who plays Fiona’s awful mother.  Lily, in fact, was one of the actors who inspired Lisa most, coming up.  She perfected her own version of Lily’s Edith Ann character at an early age.

“That was sort of a cold call.  And she was like, ‘Sure!’ and she came in and talked to us.  That was so much fun — talking about the character and where to go with it.  That was really perfect.”

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