Internet Loving Tom Green Decries Perils of Being Sucked into ‘Digital Vortex’

Tom Green Fuse photo

 Tom Green is in the throes of preparations for the show he’ll be filming at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre Friday (9/30) — which will be condensed into his first hour-long standup comedy cable special.  Green, who rose to fame with his  outrageous antics on MTV’s “The Tom Green Show,” spent more recent years leading the charge into internet comedy with his “Tom Green’s House Tonight” talk show, live from his living room.  But now he’s into another chapter.  He’s been out on a global standup comedy tour, and he’s all about coming back to reality.

“Everyone is doing the internet now, so I kind of felt it was a fun time to go back to the most traditional medium there is:  getting on stage and doing a live peformance,” he says.  “Having been out touring the last two years, I have lots of material, lots of jokes, a whole bunch of stuff I’m going to be doing for the special.

“What’s fun about this is that it’s a completely different format.  My show was out-on-the-street pranks and practical jokes on people, not standup comedy,” he points out.  “This is going to be the first time, hopefully, people get to know me being myself, talking for an hour.”

Green says he doesn’t want his show to be “preachy, but it is political, and I do talk about all sorts of different issues, in the media and in my personal life, my experience with cancer and all sorts of things.  I find that serious subjects are the best places to find comedy because they’re meaningful to people.”  Among the topics he explores is “our addiction to technology and people getting agoraphobic they’re so into their Facebook and cell phones.  They’re giving away their privacy and all this personal information.  Most people have had a nightmare experience with Facebook at some point.  Marriages are breaking up over Facebook.  We’re being sucked into this digital vortex as a society without really thinking about the consequences.”  But there are lots of punchlines to this, he assures. 

If the raves Green got at the recent Edinbugh Fringe Festival are any indication, the special ought to be well worth while.  It will likely debut early in the new year.  Until then, he has his ongoing calendar of gigs, including the Irvine, CA Improv Oct. 14-16.  Being out on the road “actually energizes me,” he says.  “If I get a good amount of sleep every night, it’s actually good for my health.”