Shawn Stockman Makes China Gig Between “The Sing-Off” Tapings in L.A.

Shawn Stockman NBC photo

All the “The Sing-Off” judges may all be coping with the demands of touring and other extracurricular activities, but Shawn Stockman certainly can claim the Traveled the Longest Distance title.

“After the last taping, I drove straight to the airport and flew to China,” reports the singer best known as a member of Boyz II Men.  The gig was “for a multi-cultural, multi-national environmental festival where people came in and talked about healthier living,” he says. 

It’s not the first time he’s peformed in that land.  “It’s interesting,” he says with a slight laugh.  “China is still a different lifestyle and culture from everyone else, pretty much, so when you’re there, you really get a taste of the type of people they are.  They respondided well, for Chinese.  You know, they’re groomed not to get overly-excited.  I was happy and honored they let us be a part of it for a couple of hours.”   

Stockman says he feels honored to be part of “The Sing-Off” as well. 

“The genre of a cappella music is long overdue for its credit as an art form — one of the only pure art forms left, because you can’t fake it.  You have nothing else to back yo.  When it’s done right, there’s nothing that sounds better.” 

If the show had been around when he was beginning his career, he would “absolutely” have tried out.  “I’d have auditioned in a heartbeat, me and my guys.  I would have loved to have been a part of something like this.”