Teen Stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya Have Everything But Free Time

Life is a whirl — and then some — for Disney Channel stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya, who are ages 13 and 15, respectively.   Their “Shake it Up” series is No. 1 with kids and tweens.  There are clothing and shoe lines fashioned after their CeCe and Rocky characters on the dance-themed comedy.  CeCe and Rocky dolls are coming out.   The two have a Disney Channel movie called” Frienemies” on the way.   Zendaya also appears on tonight’s (9/23) “PrankStars” — convincing the unsuspecting subject of her practical joke to help out at her family’s pirate-themed restaurant.  Aaargh!

Bella Thorne, Zendaya & friends Zendaya appears on 'PrankStars' tonight

“I’m still shocked about it.  To go into Target and see these clothes — it amazes me every day,” Bella tells us.

And Zendaya says that seeing her doll for the first time “was a surreal feeling.  I felt a whole bunch of emotions.  I felt excitement, and I also had a little tear in my eye.  I had to kind of absorb the moment and realize what is happening.  Little girls are going to playing with me.  I just remember that feeling, when I was  playing with dolls.”

Bella says that interacting with their young fans is her favorite part of the job.  “When the little kids come up to you, it’s so cute.  We were at Disneyland, and this one little girl was crying, because she didn’t know we were real,” recounts the young talent.  “That’s why we do what we do — to make them laugh and make them smile.  They come to the show and they’re so excited.  It warms our hearts to hear them laughing in the audience.”

 Between learning new dances and lines every day, doing promotional chores and keeping up with their schooling, there’s not much down time for the girls.  Have they learned to pace themselves?

 “Not really,” admits Bella.  “But it’s not like I’m being held away from my friends and stuff.  They come to the set, and we eat dinner after the show.”

  As far as vacation time, “That’s usually the time we travel or do promo stuff,” Zendaya says.  “But either way, I’m with Bella and we’re having fun.  As long as it’s fun, it’s okay.” 

Still, she says, “I think the most challenging aspect of doing this is being able to balance school and work, and still be a regular girl.  That’s the most important thing, and the hardest thing to deal with.”  In the interests of regular girl time, “I have my fiends visit all the time.  They always come here, because it’s really hard for me to visit them.  We’ll do simple things like go to the movies.  I just had my birthday party and it was the best experience.,” she adds.  “I had friends from home and friends from out here that I’ve met, and had a big, fun celebration at my auntie’s house on the beach.  We had henna tattoos, and glitter tattoos and played volleyball.”

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  1. Melissa

    i am 13 and just like bella i am a constant read i once read one book that had 304 pages twice in 4 days and i love how you guys dance it just makes me wanna learn to dance like you guys even more each day and i hope that you guys will make a clothing line for teens soon i also love how you guys have a great sense of humor and fashion

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