‘Walking Dead’s’ Sarah Wayne Callies: Why Andrew Lincoln is SO Good

Jon Bernthal, Andrew Lincoln,  Sarah Wayne Callies AMC photo

“Walking Dead” leading lady Sarah Wayne Callies doesn’t want to talk about creator Frank Darabont’s unhappy departure from the hit AMC show.  “To be honest, I feel it’s family business and I’m not prepared to discuss it.  It shattered my heart in a thousand pieces when he left,” says the actress, who plays survivor Lori Grimes.

However, she has no problem going on at length about the actors who play the primary men in Lori’s life, her husband, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), and his best friend Shane, (Jon Bernthal).  “We surprise each other, scare each other, feel danger, feel unexpected emotion.  You think you know what a scene is about, and then you get with them and, oh God, you could go in directions you never expected,” gushes Callies.

Asked for an example, she recalls her first scene with Lincoln — the reunion of the couple they portray after their long time apart, during which the apocalypse occurred and she thought he was dead.  “We hadn’t acted together before, and it was a very intimate scene.  I say, ‘When you were in the hospital, I never thought I’d see you again,’ and he silences me.  In one take, he put tabs on my mouth and in one look at his best friend and his wife — he knows.  You could see it in his eyes: he knows, and he doesn’t want her to talk about it.  In another take, he’s oblivious.  In another, he’s angry.  This is the joy of acting — to have someone come in who you can never be 100 per cent sure what they’re going to do.”  As much as she’s pleased by the series’ record-breaking numbers and fan appreciation, “no question about it, my favorite part is the part betwen ‘Action,’ and ‘Cut.'”