Dick Clark Looking Forward to Counting Down to 2012 on 40th Rockin’ Eve

Mariah Carey shows some love to Dick Clark on a previous Rockin' Eve

Dick Clark expects to be in the thick of things again on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest” – counting down the last seconds of 2011 on live TV as he’s done, with one exception, since 1972. 

 Clark is especially looking forward to this year’s show because it marks the 40th anniversary of the event.  That’s according to those close to the 82-year-old, who was known for decades as America’s Oldest Teenager. His wife Kari will be waiting for him to complete his midnight countdown so they can share their traditional New Year’s kiss, and then head out for their annual post-show snack at a nearby NYC hamburger spot.

Clark is continuing to do daily physical therapy, still in recovery mode from the stroke he suffered in 2004.  He also still goes into his office almost every day – not at Dick Clark Productions, which he sold years ago, but at his current Dick Clark Company, where he is involved in several businesses and has some new TV projects in development.

And as for Dick’s relationship with his successor, Ryan Seacrest, they’re in touch by phone – especially this time of year – and see each other at the NYC run-throughs of their “Rockin’ Eve.”

1 thought on “Dick Clark Looking Forward to Counting Down to 2012 on 40th Rockin’ Eve

  1. Woodie B.

    Great to hear that Dick Clark continues to improve from his 2004 stroke. It’s truly an inspiration (to all who grew up watching him on ‘Bandstand’ and ‘Pyramid’) to see anyone (famous or not) who succumbs to a near-fatal experience and becomes stronger than ever. Merry Christmas (and Happy 40th New Year’s Rockin’ Eve) to Dick Clark, his family, and his eventual successor, Ryan Seacrest!

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