‘Blue Bloods” Len Cariou Making the Most of Hiatus

The “Blue Bloods” team has scattered all directions, with the  CBS series having wrapped production for the season last week.  Winnipeg native Len Cariou tells us he’s spending a week in Los Angeles.  And after that, “The wife and I are going to Europe for a week, then Canada for a couple of visits.”  The Tony-winning actor notes that there are still “some good surprises — a couple of good twists” in the last couple of shows this season — which has its finale May 11.  That last episode involves Tom Selleck’s police commissioner character learning of a biological threat to New York City — and worse than that, he can’t tell his family about it.


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  1. Darryl

    We had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Cariou in person in the lobby of our hotel today. He is a gentleman of the first order. Thank you for your courtesy, Mr. Cariou and for permitting us to take your photo.

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