‘A Life in the Balance’ on ‘Grimm’ Season Finale, says Russell Hornsby

The May parade of season finales continues.  “Grimm’s” is coming up tomorrow (5/18).  “Someone’s life is going to be in the balance,” teases Russell Hornsby, whose homicide detective character, Hank, does not, as yet, know that his partner, Nick (David Giuntoli) is a special being who can see and fight supernatural creatures.

“We’re looking at quite a few cliffhangers.  So far, Nick has kept his personal and professional relationships at bay, but now, there are questions as to how much he is going to tell Juliet, and what will happen to their relationship,” says Hornsby, speaking of Nick’s girlfriend, played by Bitsie Tulloch.  “Is Nick going to tell Hank the truth?  Will their partnership last?  Will Hank be around?  Will he stay on the force?”

We’re betting he does, given Hornsby’s glow as he anticipates going back to work on the show for Season 2 at month’s end.  Hornsby and his wife just returned from a hiatus trip to Vietnam in time for him to be present in NYC at this week’s upfront presentation for advertisers.  He’s ready.

“I was really happy with the fact we got picked up, then got the go-ahead for the back nine, then the second season, the fact that we have a cult following — all the success the show has had up to this point, really.  Every actor hopes to get one of these kinds of shows,” he says.  “People are really intrigued by the characters and the storylines.  There are likeable characters you don’t often get to see in a procedural drama — quirky characters that make witty comments, some off color remarks, have some fun.”

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  1. Gardenia

    Russell Hornsby was not kidding about the number of cliffhangers in the finale of Grimm. My cousin who works with me at Dish even warned that the finale would be brimming with them, so I decided to watch the finale with my Auto Hop feature enabled. I’m so glad that I did because I was able to avoid excessive cliffhangers, AKA commercials, because the show had enough tension to it already. I’m so excited for season 2 to start and my PrimeTime Anytime feature will continue to capture all of the primetime shows I miss from the main networks like Grimm. I’m always so busy so I like that I can watch my PrimeTime Anytime recordings on my own time, and choose to not waste any of that time on commercials.

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