Tacky Time is Here! Cast Yer Votes

Will Kristen Stewart’s Tacky cheating episode land her in the top?

It’s that time of year again, when we ask readers to select the entertainment celebrities most deserving of our annual Beck/Smith Hollywood Tacky Taste Awards.  This year marks the 35th such cavalcade of the crass, the churlish and the contemptible, and obviously, you will have no shortage of candidates for Tackiest Celebrity in 2012.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his memoir that capitalized on his own tacky and embarrassing  behavior, is bound to get some attention.  So is Kristen Stewart for cheating on Robert Pattinson – and Chris Brown for cheating on Rihanna, right on the heels of the unwise rekindling of their rocky romance.  It was a year when the showing of more skin than intended made for the strangest of celebrity groupings: the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and…Hulk Hogan?  The sad spectacle of Lance Armstrong’s fall from hero status may elicit some Tacky votes.  And no doubt various tacky types at the forefront of politics this election year will, too.   We’re sure that, as always, readers will remember many more.

Tell us who’s your choice for Tackiest and why – by writing to stacy@becksmithhollywood.com, or by dropping us a note in the comments area of this post.  The winners, if you can call them that, will be announced Thanksgiving week.

SPEAKING OF POLITICS:  “It’s hard to find the funny sometimes.  You get so upset,” admits political humorist Will Durst, who’s been keeping crowds laughing throughout the run-up to next month’s election.  “You just have to plumb deeper.”

Durst, whose writings include his Elect to Laugh! A Hilarious, Common Sense Guide to American Politics book, his syndicated column, and his pieces on Huffington Post and elsewhere, takes jabs at Republicans and Democrats – and performs before audiences of both persuasions.  “I do theater shows and corporates, and they’re two different crowds, but they laugh at both sides,” he tells us.  He’s received his share of angry emails.  However, he notes, “The only real trouble I’ve had is with the true believers – Orange County and Berkeley.”

Durst cites an anecdote that he used in his book, recalling an occasion when Abraham Lincoln told a joke – and a woman approached him to complain.  “Madam,” he reportedly said, “we all laugh in order not to cry.”

3 thoughts on “Tacky Time is Here! Cast Yer Votes

  1. Dee

    As usual, Kate Gosselin appears at the top of my tacky taste list. She continues to exploit her 8 children relentlessly. Calling her ex-husband, and every other working parent in the world “mediocre” for being content with working a regular job out of the limelight was the ultimate in tacky behavior. At least it was right up until she tweeted calling Superstorm Sandy “SuperFunSandy” at the height of the death and destruction being wrought by the Frankenstorm.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger ranks very high on the Tacky meter too, with his tell-all book and his continuing to shove his behaviors in the face of his ex wife and his children. His ignoring of his illegitimate son is also tacky.

  2. Julia

    These are all great choices. I think Arnold is old stuff and nothing he does should surprise us. The Kristen Stewart cheating is unfortunate for Robert, but they’re young and in Hollywood — isn’t that the way most celebrity love goes. I find the Prince Harry faux pas plain funny for the young royal. He has even made light of it.

    The tackiest I feel is Lance Armstrong. The guy lied and carried on the facade of innocence for years. He was able to control his own team for many of those years to carry on his innocence. He truly is the master of lying publicly and getting us to believe in him — even idolize him. He got sponsors to pay millions to represent their products. Even when the story began crumbling, he had his lies rehearsed so well that he still seemed believable and almost made you feel sorry for him. The guy went to the Arnold School of Integrity and needs to hire Tiger’s PR guy.

  3. Robert Abel

    Tacky Taste Award should go to:

    The “Petraeus/Broadwell/Kelley/Allen” mess or, briefly, “Generals Gone Wild.”

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