A Tribute

Julian Myers with Stacy Jenel Smith  Photo by Patsy Myers

Julian Myers with Stacy Jenel Smith Photo by Patsy Myers

Hollywood publicist extraordinaire Julian Myers, who passed away in December at age 95, was celebrated the other day with a packed house at The Hollywood Museum. Myers was remembered with as much affection for his gentlemanly, upbeat ways as he was esteemed for his illustrious career and stunning athletic prowess.

The hard core marathoner, who ran 90 miles in celebration of his 90th birthday, broke a world record for the 800 meter run in his age bracket just this past fall at the Huntsman World Senior Games in Utah.

The PR wizard somehow managed to work a job fraught with friction and distrust for countless others and remain one of the most well-liked figures in the business. As a publicist at 20th Century Fox, he worked with Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, John Wayne and others. Responsible for getting Monroe to the set on time during her films’ production, he once famously said he was the only guy in town trying to get Marilyn Monroe out of bed. Later, he had his own PR firm and, among other things, helped promote then-client Dennis Weaver’s visionary ecolonomics push for environmentally/economically helpful inventions.

Julian was working on a book about utilizing social media just this past year (so we never want to hear anyone say they’re too old for this new fangled stuff) and had a feature film producing project in the works.

However, it might be his kindness and good cheer that were remembered most. It’s not surprising that he and his beloved late wife Patsy were trying to establish a monthly friendship holiday — Amigo Day. The man who tended to answer “Never better!” when asked how he was took many a neophyte publicist and journalist under wing through the years, and showed supportive ways to all.