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Bruce Kimmel Finds Celebrities Sometimes Much Different from Images

Bruce Kimmel is having a blast with his “Outside the Box” web comedy — inspired by the fact, “I watched some really bad You Tube series, and I thought, ‘Gee, everybody can do this.  Why don’t I try doing something that’s really fun?  And interesting.  And actually funny?'”

Thus Kimmel — the man who brought us “The First Nudie Musical” and “The Brain From Planet X” among many other things — added the internet to his eclectic show business career, a career that’s already taken him from TV to Broadway to record producing.  He covers the latter two in his latest book, “Album Produced By…”

Kimmel’s tales of working with the likes of Stephen Sondheim and Ann Margaret are a fun read.  He came to adore Lauren Bacall, but found Carol Channing quite different from her persona.  He’s aware that others have had opposite experiences, with Bacall a tiger, and Channing sweet as pie.

“Bacall, who I was really warned about by multiple people was a complete charmer and I just loved her.  She was fantastic.  Apparently she can be another way, if you catch her on a different day or different circumstances,” he acknowledges.  “Carol was difficult.  She’s who she is; she’s delightful in certain ways, and not in others.  Most people don’t ever have to be around that side, so it’s fine.”