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Alison Sweeney Feeling Effects of Triple Duty Schedule, but No Slowing Down

Alison Sweeney NBC photo

“The Biggest Loser” is wrapping up shooting for its currently-airing season this week, and host Alison Sweeney admits “I’ve been counting the days” ’til it’s over.  That’s because Alison, a master multi-tasker, has taken on a workload that’s nearly impossible.  There’s “Biggest Loser,” her ongoing starring stint on “Days of Our Lives,” plus the “Hollywood Girls Night” TV Guide Channel show she’s executive producing along with her on-camera chores.

Planning her schedule has been like “a thousand-piece puzzle that only fits together one way.  It’s all been happening at once,” she tells us.  “I try to avoid this, but one time did I have to do all three shows in one day, with the Hollywood Moms coming for dinner.  That was a long day.”

In case you weren’t aware, the Sunday night show, in which she partners with Ali Landry, was inspired by their real-life social circle of celebrity moms, who had fun getting together at each other’s homes and dishing on the industry, men, their kids, men, friends and men.  “We want to keep it all positive, fun and light-hearted, just like it is when we talk to our girlfriends off-camera.  It’s not often you’re in the middle of an outrageous conversation or a catfight.  We behave as we would if we came to someone’s house for dinner,” she says.

Sure.  Not surprisingly, though, the show’s teaser promos stress the spilling of secrets, and such attention-grabbing bits as this week’s guest Kendra Wilkinson talking about building a “sex room” in her home with hubby Hank Baskett.  “Kendra is a highlight — the way she opens up about her married life, her background, what her life has been like as a Playmate, how she’s comfortable with her body,” Alison says.  “She had great stuff.  I kept asking her questions.  I HAD to know more.”  Robin Givens is also on this week’s show.  Future shows include Brooke Burns and champion dancer Cheryl Burke.

Alison brushes off reports that she and Landry annoyed their real-life friends by going off on their own to sell the show last year.  “Obviously, I just think there’s a lot of misinformation out there,” she says.  “It’s a wonderful show, really positive, and most important for us, it’s celebrating our friendships.”

The busy actress-host-producer-director also has her husband and two small children at home.  Finding family time “is definitely a big piece of the puzzle,” she says.

She credits nutrition and exercise tips she’s picked up through her years on “The Biggest Loser” for the fact she has the energy for all this.  “These are tools you can use for your whole life, not just when you’re losing weight,” she points out.  And…are you ready?…she’s also training for the L.A. Marathon March 18.

‘Tis the Season for Celebrity Gatherings

Phyllis Diller, Richard Lewis at Encore's party for 'Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis' Starz photo

‘Tis the season for celebrity schmoozing at Ho-Ho-Hollywood parties.  Such as…

Peter Krause, Lauren Graham and super producer Mark Burnett were among the luminaries on hand at the warm and beautiful holiday soiree the other night at the exquisite Hancock Park Tudor manse of NBC Chieftain Robert Greenblatt.  The stars schmoozed to the sexy sounds of a sax-led combo, and feasted on holiday fare, from roast turkey and veggies to an array of desserts including candy-coated cream puffs made into a tree. 

Standing next to Jay Leno at one of the buffets, we couldn’t help but see that the “Tonight Show” host had a plate piled high — noticeably high — with prime rib.  Alison Sweeney looked gorgeous with her new bangs.  She was wearing a shimmery dark blue mini dress and leggings.  Jason Isaacs made the scene; his risky “Awake” dual reality drama is among the NBC midseason shows getting early buzz.  The Broadway behind-the-scenes “Smash” is another.  As you may know, Greenblatt, formerly of Showtime, is in the midst of working to get the peacock network back on a proud course.  We’ll see if he feels like celebrating a year from now.

NBC party was Prime rib Time for Jay Leno NBC photo

 Over at the Paramount Studios lot in Hollywood, it was Jerry Lewis and friends partying up the Encore original documentary “Method to the Madness of Jerry Lewis” that premieres Dec. 17.   On hand for the comedy-lovers’  fete were Starz President & CEO Chris Albrecht  and the film’s director/producer Gregg Barson, along with Woody Harrelson, Richard Lewis, Dane Cook, John Landis, John Henson, Rip Taylor, Jill Jacobsen,  Renee Taylor, Norm Crosby, Carl Reiner, Garrett Morris, Robbie Williams and others.  Jeff Goldblum and his band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, serenaded the filled room during the after-party.  But we hear from sources on the scene that it was the 94-years-young Phyllis Diller who was one of the last to leave.  She was enjoying herself, taking pictures with fans. 


Alison Sweeney Defends Anna Kournikova

Alison Sweeney

News of Anna Kournikova leaving “The Biggest Loser” after one season was accompanied by anonymous quotes that the tennis champ clashed with show staff and some of the contestants, and calling her “difficult” and “a nightmare.”   “Biggest Loser” host Alison Sweeney is quick to leap to her defense, telling us, “I didn’t have that experience.  I got to know her a little bit, and I thought she was a great addition.  She’s so sweet.”

Sweeney reports that they’re already six weeks into shooting Season 13 of “Biggest Loser” and that Kournikova hasn’t been replaced.  Instead, the trainer she calls a “super talented competitor” — show stalwart Bob Harper — is “going head to head in the competition” with plucky newcomer, trainer to the stars Dolvett Quince.

Tonight’s (12/6) “Biggest Loser” episode includes the Season 12 marathon, giving one previously-ousted contestant a chance to vie for the championship on next Tuesday’s (12/13) live season finale.  “‘The Biggest Loser’ finale is such an exciting show, such a fun show, such a celebration of what the show is all about and what people have achieved,” says Alison, who keeps those specials moving along at a quick clip. 

MEANWHILE:  As if handling the demands of two different “Biggest Loser” seasons at once wasn’t enough, there’s also her day job.  Sweeney, who has played the role of much-married bad girl Sami Brady on “Days of Our Lives” since her teens, admits it’s feeling pretty lonely lately, with nearly all the other daytime dramas either being retired or already gone.

“I miss the other soaps.  It’s really hard to say goodbye.  I know they have a lot of followers,” she says.  “I just hope we can keep ‘Days of Our Lives’ on the up and up and hold onto the fans.  There are so many different issues at play with the ratings.  You know how complicated daytime is.”

With her popular “The Mommy Diet” book (it comes out in paperback Dec. 13) and her new TV Guide Network “Hollywood Moms’ Club” show that she’s producing, one might wonder whether she’s getting ready for “Days” to come to an end.  But Sweeney tends to always have a lot of irons in the fire.

“I’m always looking for a new challenges, new fun things to do.  I hope that ‘Days’ goes on for another 46 years.  I’ve been so blessed to do the show,” she says.

She and her husband, highway patrolman David Sanov, have a six-year-old son and a daughter who turns three in January.  Asked whether things have gotten any easier as the children have gotten bigger, she answers, “I think the mommy guilt starts to ease off a little bit once they’re in school and have their own friends and their own plans.  I’m happy now that they’re a little older, they can come with me when I travel.”   

Are they likely to go into show business or law enforcement?  She laughs.  “My husband and I just hope they follow their dreams, like we did.”