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Which of This Year’s New Crop of Talk Shows Has Staying Power?

            Five — count ‘em — five new talk shows are competing for viewer attention this season – the second wave of the “Who ever can replace Oprah?” quest for the grail that began last year.  This week, Steve Harvey launched his new NBC show.  September 10 will bring the launches of Katie Couric’s, Ricki Lake’s and Jeff Probst’s chat fests.  And come Oct. 1, the Hallmark Channel will bring us Marie Osmond.   Of last year’s crop of newbies, Anderson Cooper is still standing tall — while the likes of “The Revolution” are long gone.  Who’ll still be among the chat show luminaries next year?  Here’s a handicapper to help you figure out where to place your bets.

Harvey has made it clear he’s going to make the most of his comedic gifts to bring the funny to his program, which will feature everyday people and focus on relationships.  Never underestimate funny, especially from a comedian sharpened by years of live radio shows.

Couric’s background in news will play into her syndicated show.  “The marketing department of ABC came up with ‘smart with heart,’ which I actually thought was a great kind of description of what I would ideally like the show to be,” she told TV critics this summer.  Despite talk about the wide range of topics she’d like to cover, indications are that she’s going for the tried-and-true: Big Gets.  She’s already lined up Barbra Streisand, “Fifty Shades of Grey” author E.L. James, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson and Heidi Klum.  (Just in time to answer that embarrassing comment Seal made about Heidi “fornicating with the help” prior to the breakup of their marriage!  Katie’s off and running!)

You might expect some adventure with “Survivor” host Jeff Probst’s talk show on CBS, and so there will be – in a way.  “The overall idea of the show is saying yes to the adventures in your life,” he explained.  “And I don’t mean climbing a mountain.  I mean being married, being a parent, dating, friendships.  It’s the courage to kiss somebody before you are ready, or move across the country for a new job, home, school.  At the end of a life, this really is what defines our life, those adventures.  And that’s the idea behind the show, and we will talk about that all the time.”  Probst’s wife, who works on the show, will be around to add her two cents.  Oh, and there’s a party room that’s kind of like a green room for the entire audience where they can even have their hair and makeup done to be TV-ready.  How that figures into the adventure, we’re not sure, but it’s different.

Ricki Lake, meanwhile, is taking aim at social media, endeavoring to get viewers involved what she hopes will be her second successful talk show.  The chat maven who had her first show as a wunderkind in her twenties is now middle-aged, but forward-thinking still.  She has been inviting viewers-to-be to join in production meetings on Facebook since March.  She’s also all over Twitter.

And last, but certainly not least, there’s Marie Osmond, back on the scene.  With “Marie,” Hallmark tells us, “she may finally be growing into a role that fits her better than any other.  Here, after all, is a woman who has not only known great fame but also great tragedy.”  Indeed, the singer has battled depression, lost a child through suicide, gone through divorce and more, but keeps showing an amazing resilience.  Overcoming life’s woes will no doubt be among the themes.  Osmond will have everyday people as well as celebrity guests including members of her family, and there are plenty of those.  And let’s not forget, Mormons are hot this fall.

Interestingly, Cooper’s show is getting its second season launch Sept. 10, too – now called “Anderson Live,” with such new touches as rotating guest hosts and more live elements, including real-time feedback via Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler.

Who will you watch?

The 34th Tacky Taste Awards Top 10 Winners!

 Happy Thanksgiving to all, and a special thank-you to the readers who joined in with their votes and comments for our 34th Annual Tacky Taste Awards.  In a year when some of the biggest scandals in the news — from Penn State to politics — took place outside the Hollywood realm, there’s still a banquet of show business celebrity turkeys to chew on.  And heeeeere they are.

1.  Kim Kardashian & Family.  Riled up over Kim’s 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries, readers voted to bestow 1st Place, Tackiest Celebrities of the Year dishonors on the Kardashian clan.  Among the comments:

“KarTRA$Hian is KarKA$Hingin — the fake marriage down to the crappy clothes at Sears.” — Hannah L., New York, NY  

“She went from saying Kris was so nice and down to earth to saying he was only in it to climb the fame ladder practically overnight.  Of course people are suspicious. She made more than $17 million from the wedding.” — Pam R.,Canton, OH. 

“Kim Kardashian was made for your Tacky Taste Award.” — Nathan P., San Francisco, CA

Steve M. from Dallas, TX had a different take: “I think all the dimwits who watch the Kardashian family and then complain about them deserve a Tacky award.  Idiots, change the channel!”

2.  Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen  So many voters mentioned the “Two and a Half Men” creator and his former star together, it seemed appropriate to reunite them just this one last time in the annals of Tacky Taste.  For example: 

From Julia in AZ:  “Charlie Sheen’s year of tirades, drugs and hookers and Chuck Lorre’s repeated endcaps and on-air rebuttles have really done it for me.  I thought by now the banter would be over and bringing in Ashton would let the show stand on its own, but Chuck doesn’t seem to want to let go.  Week after week they have to rehash all of Charlie’s downfalls.  Come on, kill the show now if you are going to make it a year of Charlie-channeling.  Even Charlie seems to have learned to shut his mouth.” 

G.M. in Santa Monica, CA wrote, “Not that I’m buying Charlie Sheen’s good behavior act, but Chuck Lorre needs to get over being bitter and stop sniping at Charlie and try to improve the show, which sucks now.”  

In the opinion of witty Bernice R. of Naples, FL, “It has been a close race this year for the Tacky Taste Award.  Charlie Sheen was the star of the pack early on, but his admitting to his foolish rages took the edge off criticizing him.  Darn.  But then when all seemed lost, Kim Kardashian came along with her whirlwind romance, brain-free husband, check cashing acrobatics and surprise (not) divorce, and challenged Charlie for the lead.  I’ve got it!  How about a Tacky Couple Award? Theirs would be a match made in Hollywood heaven.  Oh, those two have got to meet, or what’s a Hollywood for?” 

3.  Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Grace H. of Burbank sums it up:  “Former governator Arnold Schwarzenneger makes Bill Clinton look like a cub scout.  First he let Maria find out the hard way that he sired a child by his housekeeper.  Then after they split up he went out in public sporting a T shirt that said, “I survived Maria 1977 – 2010.” 

And this comment from reader Linda D.:  “Arnold Schwarzenegger deserves the award for being unfaithful to his wife, family, and the state of California.  And then having the bad taste to wear an ‘I survived Maria’ t-shirt.” 

Agrees Paula G.: “It has to be the Arnold:  what he has done to Maria Shriver is so awful.  I used to like him, but now, I am not interested in seeing anything he does.  Thank goodness he’s no longer the Governor of California.” 

4.  Gerard Depardieu.  “Gerard Depardieu deserves your award, hands down, for urinating in the aisle of a plane after being told he had to wait until after takeoff to use the bathroom, causing a two-hour flight delay.  If one of us mere mortals did that, we’d be arrested.” — Ken, Tacoma, WA. 

Peggy S. of Los Angeles voted for Depardieu, adding, “I want to mention Anderson Cooper also.  It was one thing to get the giggles during his report about l’affaire Depardeiu — but then to have Depardieu on his talk show to discuss the incident, and hand out peepee bottles to everyone in the audience?  That was Tacky.  But I still love Anderson.”  

5.  Lindsay Lohan.  The troubled actress, who has been doing community service at the L.A. morgue as a result of violating her probation, drew tacky votes for “blowing chance after chance to straighten out,” as J.Y. of Bell, CA put it. 

“Lindsay Lohan gets my vote.  You know you’ve hit bottom when Heidi Fleiss gets on TV and congratulates you for posing for Playboy and says you’d make a great hooker.” — Tara K., Ohio

6.  Kate Gosselin.  “As always, the tackiest person in America is Kate Gosselin,” contends Dee W.  She explains: “From her trashy clothing to her constant bashing of the father of her children, she epitomizes the word tacky.  Her classifiying her ex as ‘mediocre’ because he prefers to work a regular job and live out of the spotlight was classic Kate.” 

“I would rather listen to nails on a chalkboard than that whiney b#@! any day.” — George F., Woodland Hills, CA

7.  Jesse James.  The reality show star got a late flurry of votes after his ex, Kat Von D, went public with her claim that he’d cheated on her with at least 19 women during their engagement.  “Wasn’t he supposed to have been treated for sex addiction after his cheating wrecked his marriage to Sandra Bullock?  Jesse, you tacky dog, you should demand your money back.” — L.Z.

8.  Courteney Cox and David Arquette.  “Their over-sharing about their sex life problems on Howard Stern’s show has tainted my feelings about them.   Really, Courteney, thought you had more class than to dispense such intimate details with gutter language.  Sad for Coco.” — Linda W., Peoria, IL

9.  Hank Williams, Jr., ESPN and “Fox and Friends.”  The singer’s remark, on “Fox and Friends,” making an analogy using President Obama and Hitler, got his iconic theme song cut from Monday Night Football after 20 years — and both sides chimed in: 

`”Hank totally got the shaft.  If you read the transcript, he never said Obama was like Hitler.  His conservative politics is what really got him ousted from MNF.  And he’s right that ‘Fox and Friends’ set him up.” — Dan H. 

On the other hand, S.B. of Long Island, NY, wrote, “Who gives a damn what Hank Williams Jr. thinks?  He’s a right-wing crackpot with no talent.  Glad to see him go.” 

10.  Brad Pitt.  “Some people continue to add insult to dumping their spouses overboard.  Brad Pitt told Dotson Rader of Parade Magazine that his life was boring when he was married to Jennifer Aniston.  Quote, “I wasn’t living an interesting life, myself.  I think that my marriage [to Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it.”  – Grace H., Burbank, CA