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ASK STACY: About Annie Wersching of ’24’

DEAR STACY: I’ve never before seen Annie Wersching, currently playing an FBI agent on “24.”  Can you tell me about her?  I think she’s terrific, and would hope to see more of her. – Ben S., Bayville, NY

DEAR BEN: Wersching knew she wanted to be a performer at an early age.  As her website puts it, “she crawled around as a Jellicle cat in ‘Cats’ in fourth grade and never looked back.’  She also competed in Irish step dance.  She has a degree in musical theater from Millikin University.  After college she moved to Chicago for a spell, and toured with several shows before relocating to Los Angeles, where she began landing guest roles on episodic series including “Star Trek: Enterprise,” “Charmed” and “Supernatural.”  She did a recurring gig on “General Hospital” in 2007.  The 32-year-old actress lists among her special abilities: face contortionist, tin whistle and burp on cue.