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Michael Jackson Story, Promos Keep Harvey Levin on the Go

TMZ honcho Harvey Levin credits his staff for the fact he’s able to branch out with the brand’s new “Beyond Twisted” show that’s starting its eight-week test run Monday (7/6) on the Fox TV stations in New York, L.A., Dallas, Detroit, Phoenix, Minneapolis and Houston. However, says the attorney/legal reporter-turned-gossip maven/producer, “I must admit, it’s hard, especially now, having climbed on the Jackson story, on top of the new show and maintaining TMZ.”

Harvey Levin

Harvey Levin

The new show was inspired, he says, by “a lot of the videos we’ve come across, interesting things that are so much fun, that are not celebrity-driven.”

Such as?  “There’s this hilarious video of a family of practical jokers.  One little girl decides to scare her mom as a prank, but the thing is, her mother is nine months pregnant.  The girl jumps out with a mask, and you actually see this woman’s water break,” he says.  “There are so many of these we are finding.  Some are really dramatic, like a 747 landing at an airport, coming in so low it’s barely over these people’s heads.  It looks like it could chop their heads off with the wheels.  All sorts of different stuff.”

They’re “packaged with TMZ style, the humor we have…The star is really the video.  We don’t have a newsroom in this show.”

Clearly, like TMZ, “Beyond Twisted” is not for everyone.  But like the internet/TV juggernaut, it’s bound to attract a mammoth audience, largely of young people.