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‘Biggest Loser’s’ Dolvett Quince Weighs in On Age Issue

Dolvett Quince NBC photo

Despite the rapidly diminishing number of age 50-and-over contestants on this season’s “The Biggest Loser,” trainer Dolvett Quince is sticking to the company line that age doesn’t matter in this, the show’s Battle of the Ages competition.

“I know it sounds cliché-ish to say ‘Age is just a number,’ but the show has had success with older contestants.  One of the oldest was a winner,” he points out.  “Personally, I’ve been training people going up into their late sixties and early seventies for years.  Granted, they probably won’t get the six pack they might hope for, but you can get in shape whatever age group you’re in.”

The Atlanta-based trainer-to-the-stars, whose client roster ranges from Justin Beiber to Baltimore Ravens Tight End Daniel Wilcox, is the lesser-known of the two newcomers who’ve joined Bob Harper on the NBC staple this year.  The other, beautiful tennis ace Anna Kournikova, has a warm and likeable TV personality – but she got stuck with the group of over-50s, who’ve been making a very poor showing so far.  (Hello, Casting?  Could you have done better by this age group?)  Dolvett and his Under 30s are looking like contenders, along with Harper’s mighty group of 30-50-year-olds.

“Being the new guy has its perks, and also challenges.  You have to set a tone, a statement about who you are.  My immediate job is building trust with the people I train, in order to transform them,” says Quince.  “I felt good going in – I would have felt good with any of the groups.”

As far as being nervous about replacing the vastly popular Jillian Michaels – or dropped-after-one-season trainers Brett Hoebel and Cara Castronuova — Dolvett says he doesn’t think like that.  “I’m pretty confident with my brand, with my skill set.  I didn’t have any distractions about the previous season or the previous trainers,” he responds.  “I was focused on people losing weight, every day.”  According to him, he and Bob and Anna enjoy harmonious working relationships.  “Everyone gets along great – the trainers, the support staff, the nutritionist, we all have that kind of camaraderie.  Obesity is such a big problem, and we’re all focused on doing something about it.”

The self-assured Mr. Quince also says, “I think every trainer would want to be on this show.  When I got the call, I can’t tell you how enthusiastic I was.  It was amazing for me to get this chance for this exposure, to show what I’ve been doing.”  The best part: “To see my team smile and celebrate as they go through these transformations.   It’s extremely moving.”  

Tonight’s (10/4) “Biggest Loser” brings in NFL stars Drew Brees, Eric Dickerson, Clay Matthews, Tony Gonzalez, Shawne Merriman and Tim Tebow.

Trainer Bob Harper Feeling ‘Possessed’ By Jillian Michaels These Days

Bob Harper NBC photo

Trainer Bob Harper tells us that although Jillian Michaels left “The Biggest Loser” after last season, her spirit lives on, in a way.  “I’ve gotten possessed by Jillian a lot,” he jokingly admits.  “You’re going to see me in a different way, not taking ‘no’ for an answer, getting people to stand on their own two feet.”

 The beloved Bob, who has been known to shed a tear and share a hug with an emotional contestant every few episodes, has never been easy on his subjects.  But he’s even tougher these days, to hear him tell it.  He says, “Now that Jillian has moved on and is working with ‘The Doctors,” I’m getting a chance to spread my wings in my own way.  I’ve got to do what I can for these people, as passionately as possible.” 

Anna Kournikova NBC photo by Chris Haston

According to Bob, his new, high-profile fellow trainer — tennis star Anna Kournikova — is bringing plenty of passion to the show.  “She’s a sweet woman and a really strong competitor,” he says.  However, he points out that she is brand-new to the game of helping morbidly obese people get into shape.  “It’s going to be a real struggle, I think, because it’s such a specific job.  You can come in with all the heart you want, but you also have to know what to do.”  Trainer Dolvett Quince is also newly aboard “The Biggest Loser,” which launches its Season 12 on Sept. 20.

His friendship with Jillian continues.  “Of course!” he says.  “We talk all the time.  I’m about to leave for dinner with her right now.”

Alison Sweeney Adds New Activities to Hectic Life, Including Getting Your Pet Fit

Alison Sweeney, Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels NBC photo by Mitchell Haaseth

Alison Sweeney doesn’t sound terribly enthusiastic about the two new trainers on “The Biggest Loser” this season.  Asked how she feels about the male-female duo so far, she demonstrates a side-stepping capability that ranks up there with the most seasoned politicians:

“They’re certainly different, but I was a new person at one time myself,” points out the “Biggest Loser” hostess and “Days of Our Lives” daytime TV star.   She also says, “I think the show is as strong as ever.  ‘The Biggest Loser’ is all about change and people getting their lives back.  I think we’ll see how the fans feel about what they’re seeing as it all unfolds.”

Does she like the two newcomers who are competing against popular trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels this season?

Her answer:  “They’re amazing trainers.  They certainly have an important contribution to make.”

Viewers should not expect to get a big reveal all at once about the new trainers, either.  They’re being kept mysterious.  Sweeney is doing her part.

She laughs.  “I’ve been on a soap opera a long time.  I know how to keep a secret.”  In fact, she won’t even say how much chance she’s had to get to know the pair herself.

“Every week they’re going to show a little more.  I can’t speak for the producers, but I think the idea is for viewers to see the effects of the work they put in.  They wanted America to see what they do before really seeing who they are.  I can tell you for sure that the contestants who went to train with them love them and are passionately enthusiastic about the choice they made to go with them.”

A few weeks ago, Michaels announced that she would be leaving the show at season’s end in hopes of focusing on motherhood as she wants to adopt a baby.  Sweeney notes, “As long as she’s a part of ‘Biggest Loser,’ we’re lucky to have her.  Even last week at the weigh in, I was so moved by her passion.  I know whatever road Jillian takes she’s going to be successful and put her whole heart into it.”

As far as her own feelings about changes on the show, Sweeney says, “It’s just one of those things.  These things are going to happen.  It’s like the contestants’ journeys.  At a certain point there are going to be extraneous factors you can’t control, but you can’t let that keep you from doing what you need to do.”

MEANWHILE:  Sweeney has been living the life of a master multi-tasker for years now, what with her prime time and daytime shows, plus her toddler son and daughter and her husband at home.  This year, she adds to her activities list with her “The Mommy Diet” book, and stumping for the Hill’s Science Diet for pets and its current Million Dollar PetFit challenge.  Fur real!

Her own beloved family dog, fivish-year-old rescued Boston Terrier, Winkie, inspired her involvement.  “There are crazy statistics out there about overweight dogs.  You start to say the words and realize it’s the exact same mistakes people make with their children; they associate food with comfort and love.  But being overweight really does impact the health of the pet.  They’re going to be in pain, they’re going to have low energy, it will impact their longevity.  Our vet made it clear a fitness program is vital to keep your pet healthy.”

Speaking of fitness, how are the current crop of “Biggest Loser” contestants doing, deep into filming of the season that just started to air last week?

“They’re amazing,” she says.  “The weight loss is spectacular — they’re definitely meeting and exceeding the standards.  We had people getting whistles on the catwalk because of how great they look.  You would say, ‘That person doesn’t belong on a weight loss show.'”

We’ll see.

Trainer Bob Harper Annoyed By This Season’s ‘Biggest Loser’ Contestants

Bob Harper NBC photo

Expect lots of clashes ahead on this season of “The Biggest Loser.”  That’s the word from trainer Bob Harper, who complains that unlike past groups, in which weight loss and camaraderie were foremost, the current group of contestants “were very into playing the game.  That, to me – I have no time for it.  It’s unfortunate they worked so hard to get onto the show and then made it about that,” he adds.

This season, in fact, features some changes in structure that bring out the fierceness of the competitors.  Still, says Harper, “I love it when contestants tend to unite.  We’ve definitely had some great contestants in the past, ones who’ve stuck with it, who’ve inspired a lot of people.”

Inspiring people to lose weight and get healthy is the aspect of “Biggest Loser” that means the most to Harper, who’s happy with this season’s Pay it Forward theme in which the show is seeking to get entire communities motivated to get fit.  They also traveled to Southern California’s Camp Pendleton Marine base for an upcoming episode in which the contestants train like Marines, complete with lots of dirt ‘n’ grit.

“The Camp Pendleton part was really fun.  The only thing is, what Jillian and I really saw is that the Marines are about building up your character — not necessarily getting you to lose weight,” he says, referring to fellow trainer Jillian Michaels.  “I think the two things do go hand in hand, but you have to know how to do it.”

The drill instructors and trainers do have some things in common, however.  “You get people to push their bodies to different kinds of limits, to get uncomfortable, to do things they wouldn’t normally do.”

The 10th season of the popular reality show got off to a slower start, ratings-wise than seasons past.  Is trainer Bob concerned about running out of steam?

“I keep it out of my mind,” he says.  “We’re starting to shoot Season 11 right now, and we’re on a good upward trend, and I just really feel good for all of us.”

Hank Azaria Happy New Dad, Talks ‘Love and Other Drugs’

Hank Azaria UPI Photo John Hayes

Hank Azaria UPI Photo John Hayes

Hank Azaria’s girlfriend Katie Wright and their four-month-old baby Hal just joined him on Pittsburgh location of “Love and Other Drugs” – which couldn’t please the actor and funnyman more. 

Although his son was born prematurely, “He’s fine — a big, 10-pound baby now.  He’s very calm, very easily soothed, very mellow so far.  It is fun to have the little guy around.  He’s just starting to recognize us,” reports Azaria. 

Asked about what kind of role he’d most like to play next, the besotted new dad answers, “To be honest, I’m pretty happy to hang around and just stare at the baby for awhile.” 

MEANWHILE:  Right now, Azaria’s attention is also on “Love and Other Drugs.”  In fact, he tells us that with the health care debate raging on, he and Anne Hathaway, Jake Gyllenhaal and the rest of the “Love and Other Drugs” team keep saying to each other, “We wish this movie was coming out next week.  It just has so much to say about the effect big pharma has really had on the medical profession and the health care world.  It’s greater than people think,” Hank declares.  “This really goes into what that system has created and how it works in a day-to-day way.”

As it is, the comedic drama/romance has weeks of production left to go.  Azaria is playing “a doctor of questionable ethics, who engages in some things dealing with pharmaceutical companies that you wish your doctor wouldn’t do” in the feature.  Drawn from “Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman” by Jamie Reidy, the film’s depiction of “this whole world – the pharmaceutical world – and the Viagra story itself are all true.  The love story between Jake and Anne, that part is fiction,” he says. 

Meanwhile, the four-time Emmy winner has been recording his “The Simpsons” parts long distance as on the “Drugs” shoot goes.  The landmark animated comedy is soon to hit its 20 year milestone, and he’s looking forward to celebrating that.  “I’m sure they’ll be doing some kind of party or something with a lot of balloons.”

MAN ON THE MOVE:  Dividing his time between making and promoting the “Twilight” sequel, “New Moon,” and threequel, “Eclipse,” and his work as Dr. Fitch “Coop” Cooper on “Nurse Jackie” has put, well, nearly inhuman demands on Peter Facinelli, a.k.a. head vampire Carlyle Cullen, over the past several months. 

“Sometimes I’ve gone without sleep for like 36 hours.  It’s tedious, but we worked it all out and it’s been doable, with some flying back and forth,” says Facinelli.  “It’s exciting. I mean, I love to do what I do. I love to work.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a break in-between, yes, but you do what you need to do.”

He did two weeks of rehearsal and a week of fight training for “Eclipse,” then went into filming the movie with plans to dive directly into new season shooting on “Nurse Jackie.”  As far as his schedule, “It was great. Both sides kind of worked it out before the boards were done on both shows.  The trick is to go in early to talk about your schedule, before the boards are done.  So it’s give and take,” he says.

 Fight training came pretty easily to him.  “I’m pretty athletic.  I did that show ‘Fast Lane’ for awhile and I did 90 per cent of my own stunts, just because I like doing them.  If I don’t go home bruised, I don’t feel like I put in a good day’s work.”

The actor, also known as Jennie Garth’s hubby, certainly couldn’t be playing characters who are much farther apart.  “Someone sent me a picture of Carlyle Cullen next to a picture of Coop and they were so vastly different it made me laugh.  Sometimes I look at pictures of Carlyle and say ‘I don’t look anything like that.’  I’ve always tried to do different things.  When people ask me what I want to do next, I always say ‘Anything I haven’t done before.’”

NOT FOR KIDS:  The no-holds-barred conversation Denise Richards had with Howard Stern on his radio show last June – in which she discussed her boob jobs, types of sex she enjoyed, and ex Charlie Sheen – was so scintillating to Stern fans that the actress-reality star-Playboy pictorial subject has been dubbed a top guest of all time.  “I was very surprised by the response,” she tells us, making it clear she has no regrets.  “I would definitely do Howard Stern’s show again. You have to know what you’re getting into, and I did.  That’s why I’d never done his show before.  My publicist was saying, ‘I don’t think there’s anything you haven’t been asked at this point,’ so I decided to do it and have fun with it, and I was very honest with him,” she recounts.  “Obviously, as soon as I got done, I called my dad back in L.A. and said, ‘Do not listen to Howard Stern,’ and, you know, if you see any quotes on the internet, don’t read them.”  Obviously.

THE BIGGEST SOFTIE:  Hard-driving though “The Biggest Loser” trainer Bob Harper may be, he’s also known to hold a competitor’s hand and have a cry in an emotional moment.  He bonds with his followers and has “established lasting friendships.  I’m a touchstone for them.  If they need me for anything, they reach out.  With all the social networking possibilities these days, I definitely hear from them – ‘Bob, I’ve hit a plateau.’  You have to trust the process to stay on course.”

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster