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‘Hot in Cleveland’ Spinoff Series in Development for ‘It’s Worth What?’ Comedy King Cedric the Entertainer

Cedric the Entertainer NBC photo

Cedric the Entertainer not only has his NBC “It’s Worth What?” game
show newly on the air this summer.  The King of Comedy will also show up as a character on TV Land’s “Hot in Cleveland” next month.  And, he reveals, if things go according to plan, that character will land in a spin-off sitcom of his own.

 “TV Land got very excited about developing a show based on the
character,” says Cedric.  He describes his role as a hot R&B singer-turned-preacher — ala several real-life recording stars — who “has a real-world, modern kind of point of view that clashes with that of my father, an old-school minister.”  As far as when the show might debut, “We’re in the early stages of development.”

Meanwhile, he has a slate of standup gigs this summer, and the “It’s Worth What?” show — that has already spawned a drinking game wherein participants take a sip each time he utters “Whaaaat?”  Cedric is well aware “It’s Worth What?” faces stiff competition (including Chef Gordon Ramsay), but points
out, “With our show, people can have fun playing along.  Everyone thinks they
know the prices of things, but everyone gets surprised.”  Items from Roy Rogers’ taxidermist-treated Trigger to a flying saucer home are the big lure, he feels.  “We have plenty of fun stuff ahead – items that are quite amazing.”

For Cedric, the timing of “It’s Worth What?” was “very serendipitous,” since “I definitely wanted to find another way to get back into television.  I had a deal at ABC for the past eight years to do a sitcom for them, but we never found anything that would stick,” notes the former “Steve Harvey Show” and “Cedric the Entertainer Presents” star.  “I see the fun my good friend Steve Harvey is having doing ‘Family Feud,’ Howie Mandel on ‘Deal or No Deal,’ Jeff Foxworthy on ‘Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader” and doing a game show looked interesting.  When this came up, I thought, ‘Okay, I’m out of my box right now.  Let’s try it.”


Jazz Singer Rondi Charleston Influenced by Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Songstress Rondi Charleston sets off on a club tour next week that will take her to cities including Boston, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, Atlanta “and a few other places,” she says –with stops at a number of Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall Gang camps for seriously ill children as well as hospitals all along the way.  She plays L.A.’s Catalina Jazz Club on June 30th, for instance, and the next day will perform at the Painted Turtle Camp.

Charleston has been neighbors with Joanne Woodward and the late Paul Newman in Westport, CT for years, and “They’ve had a big influence on me when it comes to how to live a good life.  They’re my role models,” she explains.  “What I try to bring to the kids is a moment of relief of their pain and suffering.  Music really can uplift the spirit and the body as well.  Recent neuroscience shows the connection between music and the brain is very powerful.  It can help restore speech to people with Parkinsons, lift people out of depression, calm and help organize thoughts for people who have Alzheimer’s.”

 The contemporary jazz singer, who has won rhapsodic praise fromThe New York Times, Downbeat and an array of other music publications, was formerly a network news producer for Diane Sawyer’s “Prime Time Live” and other shows.  Now, with her Motema “Who Knows Where the Time Goes”album, she’s being extolled as a songwriter with great storytelling gifts as well as for her plush voice.  One example:  “Land of Galilee,” which tells of a true incident of harmony in the Middle East.  Small wonder her work is en route to being used in a film, details of which will come later.

IN ANOTHER LIFE:  Speaking of fabulous female jazz singers, casting is underway now for Melinda, “a dazzling ’40s jazz singer with an incredible voice” in Harry Connick, Jr.’s Broadway revival of “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever.”  Interesting.  If you’ve been following plans for this new version of the 1965 musical by Alan Jay Lerner and Burton Lane (which, of course, begat the 1970 Barbra Streisand film), you know big changes have been made.  Instead of a woman who has esp and is a reincarnated spirit, now the central character is a man — a male Barbra? — who was a female jazz singer in a past life.  (Harry is playing his/her psychiatrist, Dr. Bruckner.)  The show is  being produced by Tom Hulce with a fall debut planned.   

HE’LL BE THE JUDGE:  Cedric the Entertainer is trying his hand at a new untitled courtrom comedy, with a pilot soon to be shot.  It has the King of Comedy as a judge in that unique land of the crazy, the weird and the artistic:  Hollywood.