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Chandra Wilson Plans a Breather for Family Time

Chandra Wilson

With “Grey’s Anatomy” wrapping production of its current season, Chandra Wilson tells us, “For the sake of my kids, I will say publicly that I’m doing nothing for two months” over hiatus.  “That makes them really happy.

“I’ve worked straight for three years,” adds the mother two daughters, who were born in 1992 and 1998, and a four-year-old son.  “It’s nice to stop and go to PTA meetings and be there for their finals and regular stuff that needs my attention.”

Still, she adds, “I’m so grateful for those opportunities, from start to finish.  That’s the balance all working moms have to deal with.”  Her non-“Grey’s” activities in the past three years have included her Broadway run in “Chicago,” and her Emmy-nominated performance as a homeless woman in the Hallmark Channel film “Accidental Friendship” — and “Frankie and Alice,” the feature she shot with Halle Berry that wrapped early last year.

“It was a meaty subject, a meaty character,” she says of the movie that has Berry as a woman afflicted with dissociative personality disorder — with an alternate personality who’s a racist white woman.  “I play the sister of Halle’s character and, as with a lot of mental cases when they go undiagnosed, she’s just viewed as ‘the crazy one’ of the family.  It’s a big deal for the family, which has built up a lifetime of resentment, to finally come to terms with it and learn that something clinical is actually going on with Frankie.”

However, she notes, she hasn’t heard anything bout “Frankie” in a while, and “I don’t know when it will be released.”

Chandra Wilson Hopes ‘Grey’s’ Goes On and On

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has suffered a 12 per cent viewership dropoff this season, making it one of a trio of aging ratings giants (‘CSI,’ ‘Desperate Housewives’) that have taken double-digit hits in 2009-2010.  Show creator Shonda Rhimes has another medical drama on the way taking her attention.  And Katherine Heigl is gone.  It’s enough to make fans feel McQueasy.

But fear not. Chandra Wilson is full of assurances: ‘We know we are a solid anchor for Thursday night and I know that our intention is to continue to make a great show.’  She notes, ‘The actors have two more years on our contracts and the writers are confident they have two more years of story.  After that they could write and write and cross that threshold where they keep going, like ‘Law & Order.”

That would suit the actress, who’s won four Emmy nominations and a SAG Award for her portrayal of one-of-a-kind surgeon Miranda Bailey, just fine. She says she’s definitely still enjoying the show and putting her all into it, ‘every single minute, every single day, every single script that comes down. There’s always something new to look forward to, a new angle, something about my character that’s interesting.’ And she doesn’t take it for granted. ‘Looking at things as an actor, everything is temporary. It’s my seventh year at ‘Grey’s,’ but to me, it could all end tomorrow. I might have been the one to get hit by the bus, because that could have been a big ratings-getter.’

Chandra just got recognized with another NAACP Image Award — she now has four — this time for directing.  It was her first ‘Grey’s’ stint behind the camera, so the honor was ‘very unexpected and flattering’ she says.  Her second episode as director aired recently and gave her the intriguing task of directing her own love scene with hunky Jason George.

What a dream job!

‘You would think, right?’  She laughs.  ‘It was an interesting line, about the romance and about Bailey’s first kiss with him.  I got to do a lot of playing with choices with the cameras.  That was an exciting day.’  But alas, George is headed off to Shonda Rhimes’ new show, ‘Off the Map,’ so is Bailey in for heartbreak?  That’s the pilot,’ notes Chandra.  Then she adds, ‘We try to keep some things inside our family.’