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Rising It Girl Chloe Bridges, ‘Camp Rock 2’s’ Angelina Look-Alike

Chloe Bridges

Coming down to the final two in an important casting – and then not getting the role – is a tale of actor heartbreak that countless thespians around these parts can tell first-hand.  Beautiful 18-year-old Chloe Bridges knows it well.  It was down to Chloe and Demi Lovato for Mitchie, the female lead in Disney’s 2008 mega-hit “Camp Rock.”  And Demi ended up with the role.

“Usually, the story ends with, ‘I didn’t get it and it really sucks,’” she points out.  “So this is very different.”

Very different indeed.  Chloe plays the new role of Dana, love interest of Nick Jonas, in the Sept. 3-debuting “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.”  Demi has become a good friend of hers, and everywhere Chloe goes, people are noticing that she looks an awful lot like Angelina Jolie.

“It’s definitely something I’ve encountered a lot — getting close to getting a part and then not getting it,” continues the New Orleans native, who has been acting since age 11.  “I had no idea what a phenomenon ‘Camp Rock’ would be when I auditioned for it, but then when it got so huge, of course I thought, ‘Oh, that was almost me!’  But coming back for ‘Camp Rock 2,’ I really have to say, Disney wants to put you in the right part – and Dana is really right for me.”

The role called for a classically-trained musician.  They changed Dana from being a violinist to being a pianist in deference to Chloe’s real-life ability.  She’s also a dancer, a gymnast, a swimmer, an artist, a tennis player…

”I was an ambitious, busy little girl,” she says.  “Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have a mom supportive enough to move out to Los Angeles with me when I was 13 to pursue acting.”

Chloe has been asked about her resemblance to Angelina so many times she admits, “I find myself not reacting any more when people say that.  But it’s such a compliment, it really is – so flattering.  She’s one of my biggest idols, so it’s incredible.  I would kill to meet her.  Except, if I ever met her, I’d be so star struck I probably wouldn’t be able to talk.”