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Neil Patrick Harris Talks Theater Works, OVO

Neil Patrick Harris might have more than enough to keep him busy with his “How I Met Your Mother” chores and one-year-old twins at home, but he’s not neglecting the theater facet of his career. “I have a couple of things — Accomplice: Hollywood and Accomplice: New York are continuing,” he says of his inventive show-game-tour productions that involve audience members traipsing from place to place around city streets to see the action unfold. “We’re re-opening  Accomplice: London. And Guy Hollingworth’s show, Expert at the Card Table  may rear its head again, so I’m around.” The latter, one-man play starring the acclaimed British magician premiered in Santa Monica last year under Harris’ direction.

Neil Patrick Harris

It was in Santa Monica that we caught up with Neil the other night, when he and man in life David Burtka were among the luminaries on hand for the opening of Cirque du Soliel’s OVO  show. Also there: Hilary Swank, Jessica Chastain, Heather Graham, Ali Landry and Patrick Warburton. “I’ve seen OVO  twice already so I know it to be a great show,” said Neil, a Cirque devotee. “It’s more family-friendly than many of their other shows. Sometimes they’re very esoteric and general in a wonderful, modern art kind of way. I think that OVO  is very specific. You’re in with the bugs. You’re hanging out with the critters and watching them do amazing things. The costumes are great.” Plus, the fanciful insect “critters” are in comparatively close proximity to the audience, thanks to the Grand Chapiteau layout, which he likes. “I’m a big fan of immersive theater right now,” he says, “so I like the tents the same way.”

Stars Out for Cirque du Soliel’s Dazzling New ‘Iris: A Journey Through the World of Cinema’

 The stars turned out in a major way last night for the premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s electrifying new show, Iris: a Journey Through the World of Cinema, at the famous Kodak Theatre.  Among the attendees were Matthew McConaughey, Patrick Dempsey, Kate Beckinsale, Cindy Crawford, James Gandolfini, Christina Hendricks, Kevin Dillon, Vanessa Hudgens (in a breathtakingly low-cut Boho gown), and Neil Patrick Harris. 

“It’s ammazing!” tweeted Neil.  “If you come to Hollywood, it is a MUST SEE!  The best show in years!”

 Exactly.  Iris delivered on the anticipation and reported $100 million investment that preceded it ($40 million to renovate the Academy Awards’ home theater for the show, $60 million for the production itself).  It was nothing short of a fantastical dream come to life, as sirens, sylphs, cops ‘n’ gangsters, contortionists and aerialists spun, flew, tumbled, trampolined and danced through a procenium that was part steam punk, part “Le Voyage dans la lune” and all Cirque du Soliel.  All that, Danny Elfman’s magical score, cutting-edge visual effects and a dash of comedy, had the audience on its feet cheering. 

The show was followed by a chic block party — with Hollywood Boulevard blocked off and tented for the event, and with a ferris wheel at one end that was lit like a gigantic film reel.  Guests, who were asked to dress “Cirque chic,” largely delivered.  Servers offered champagne for all, and other libations flowed, as bars were set up in various locales, and there was an ice wall of cubbies filled with sipping size bottles of Neige Canadian apple ice wine.  Local restaurateurs provided samples of goumet fare.  The black truffle risotto from Twist was a favorite. 

Christina Hendricks, Geoffrey Arend

Harris and his man in life, David Burtka, were chatting about what a fabulous show it was with “Mad Men’s” Christina Hendricks and her husband, “Body of Proof’s” Geoffrey Arend, as they relaxed in the VIP area of the street soiree.  

 As a Cirque character exhorted the audience at the show’s beginning, this was a time to forget all one’s worries and enter another world.