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Kristin Chenoweth Bouncing from ‘GCB’ to Concert Tour and More

Kristin Chenoweth and Leslie Bibb ABC photo by Bill Matlock

There’s not much in the way of down time for Kristin Chenoweth.  The indefatiguable Tony and Emmy-winning performer will segue from ABC’s March 4-debuting “G.C.B.” back to her beloved stage.  “I’m going on tour in May and June.  I’ll be all over theUnited States and Europe,” she reports.  “It will be everything I do: dancing, singing, opera, musical theater, country, original — all of it.”

First, come Feb. 6, she’s being honored by New York’s Drama League with an all-star musical tribute including such names as Joel Grey, Donna Murphy, Cheyenne Jackson, Marlo Thomas and Elaine Paige.

Chenoweth has been busy beating the promotional drums for the wild new “G.C.B.” series, in which she plays the leader of a pack of Dallas socialites who are none too happy about the return of former high school mean girl Leslie Bibb into their midst.  Her lines include the notorious “Cleavage makes your cross hang straight.”  She was on hand for this month’s Television Critics Association press tour session in which the “G.C.B.” producers and cast repeatedly insisted that the show does not and will not do any Christian-bashing.

“What we’ve discovered about this show is, it’s an all-out comedy.  They can use that word ‘dramedy,’ but it’s just fun,” she said in a chat after the panel session was over.  Chenoweth hopes to continue in the vein of the funny ladies of whom she’s a fan:  “Madeline Kahn, Sally Field — those are the women who inspired me.”

 AND:  Wow, NBC’s “Smash” is getting a lot of help from people on other networks.  We mentioned yesterday that “Glee’s” Matthew Morrison is giving a big thumbs-up to the upcoming drama-with-music that takes place in the Broadway world.  Chenoweth is also cheering for that highly-touted brainchild of Steven Spielberg.  She loved the pilot, she says.  Plus, “I know practically all the people in it and the producers are like my best friends, and (director) Michael Mayer obviously was great to me in (ital.) You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (end ital.), which I won the Tony for,” she notes.  “So, I obviously want it to do well, because it’s my people.”

She adds, “Katharine McPhee is pretty special.  And Megan Hilty — I just met her twice, and I just loved her.  I thought she was perfect for it.”

Chenoweth is mentioned in the “Smash” opener.  Might she guest star sometime?  She gives one of her signature arched-brow looks, and purrs.  “You never know.”

ABC’s Upcoming ‘G.C.B.’ Not Anti-Christian Explains Jennifer Aspen

Jennifer Aspen ABC photo by Bob D'Amico

 “G.C.B.” actress Jennifer Aspen weighs in on the title controversy on the forthcoming ABC prime time serial drawn from Kim Gatlin’s book, Good Christian Bitches — which then became “Good Christian Belles,” and is now reduced to its monogram.

“It’s not an anti-Christian project.  I would never, ever be a part of something that attacked any religion.  That’s not my thing,” says Aspen.  “I spoke to the author of the book, who is a devout Christian.  The point of the title was, she felt there were certain people in the Christian community acting inappropriately and giving the religion a bad name, and she wanted to call them out.  If you’re going to talk the talk, you should walk the walk.  So she wanted to coin the name and make it strong so people would remember it.  Well, I could get behind that idea.  It was a risky move, but for me, it was an enlightened one.”

 However, Aspen goes on, when the company went to Dallas to shoot exteriors, “We went to church there, and talking to the members, I realized that name is very offensive to various people.  When we got their viewpoints on it, I was really glad they changed the name.”

Aspen points out that “Two of our executive producers are Christians, and their faith does mean a lot to them.  This project was not born out of a Hollywood idea — it was born out of that community.”

The midseason replacement comedy, set in Dallas — “Where every day is judgment day,” per the promo tag — has Leslie Bibb as a former high school mean girl who has to return to her Texas home, and face all her one-time frienemies, after her marriage ends in scandal.  Annie Potts and avowed Christian Kristin Chenoweth are also in the cast.

“Leslie is the girl who was bad who has now gone good, but you’re very suspicious when she tries to friend you on Facebook.  ‘How do you have the nerve to request me?  Don’t you remember the terrible things you did to me?’  But you see her picture with two kids there and she looks nice.” 

According to Aspen, who a Scientologist, the set contains “a rainbow of faiths.  Normally, you don’t talk that much about religion or politics on a set, but on this one, we do.  Not in an argumentative way.  It’s more like, ‘What do you practice?  That’s cool,’ respecting each other’s beliefs.  I’m personally a lover of religions. because each of them contains universal truths.”

That may be, but the lusty ladies and their lines like “cleavage makes your cross hang straight” are bound to rankle more than a few.  However, by the time viewers see “G.C.B.,” production of the first 13 episodes will be complete, Aspen says.  “We’re dying to see when we get on the air.”