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Gillian Jacobs: Undaunted by Ratings, ‘Community’ Gets Spooky in Addition to Kooky

(clockwise from right) Gillian Jacobs, Joel McHale, Chevy Chase, Yvette Nicole Brown, Donald Glover NBC photo

NBC’s off-beat “Community” continues to be an island of freshness and originality in a sea of TV sameness.  It’s beloved by critics and loyal fans alike.  Now, if only they could get anybody else to watch.  The numbers continue to be weak against competition including “The Big Bang Theory” and “The X Factor” (not to mention post-season baseball).  But that’s what a DVR is for, right? 

Still, the mood on the set is positive, according to the show’s Gillian Jacobs.  “We’re very proud of the show we create.  That’s about all we can control in the whole equation, so that’s what we focus on,” she notes. 

 Tonight’s (10/27) Halloween-themed episode, “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps” is another inventive piece by creator Dan Harmon.  It’s a scary story-telling anthology that “gives you a chance to peek into people’s minds,” as Jacobs sees it.  

“After having two big party episodes back-to-back the last couple of years, it’s important to try and change it up,” adds the actress, who plays billboard vandal-turned-dream girl Britta.  “There’s a great and different structure for this episode that shows character development within the stories.” 

The company is currently shooting its musical Christmas episode, with “Saturday Night Live’s” Taran Killam as Greendale College’s quirky choir director.  The story has the “Community” study group subbing for the school’s glee club — and performing all original songs.  Jacbos says she doesn’t want to give too much away.   

Besides getting the chance to flex her music muscles on the series, the beautiful 29-year-old has been getting in “as much work as possible” in films between “Community” seasons.  She’ll be seen in two high-profile movies next year — “Seeking a Friend At the End of the World” with Steve Carell, Kiera Knightley, Connie Britton and William Peterson.  And “Revenge for Jolly” that boasts a cast including Kristin Wiig and Elijah Wood.

In the first, she plays “a waitress who is high on ecstacy,” she reports.  “She’s not all that far from Britta, but she’s a lot happier.”  In the latter, about a man out to avenge the death of his dog, she plays “a prosititue in a really cheap motel.” 
 What’s with all the lowlife characters?  Isn’t it time for the Juilliard graduate that the New York Times marked as having the glow of a star to play a more elegant role?  A princess or something?  What would she like to do next?

“I’d do that, yes,” she laughs.  “Maybe a princess.”