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Kim Raver: ‘My Life’s a Rubik’s Cube of Scheduling’

Kim Raver ABC photo

Kim Raver thought she’d be spending her “Grey’s Anatomy” hiatus soaking up family time with her husband and two sons – but says she found the lure of Lifetime’s “Bond of Silence’ movie irresistible. 

“It’s tricky.  I only have a short amount of time to spend with my family,” notes the actress, who plays real-life author Katy Hutchison in the telepic, airing tonight (8/23).  “But when I read Katy’s book, I was just so intrigued by the way she handled this tragedy in her life.  It was so unlike the norm, I wanted to play her.”

Hutchison’s husband was murdered when he tried to quiet down a wild teen party in their neighborhood – a case that took her five years and endless persistence to untangle. 

 “There was also this mystery of how her husband was killed and how this tight-knit community where they lived responded – how part of that community turned against her,” adds Raver of the case that actually took five years to solve and is well known in Squamish, British Columbia, where it took place.  The telefilm is set in Washington State and the names have been changed.

The actress, who’s been wed to French filmmaker Manu Boyer for eight years, considers it essential that their seven-year-old and two-year-old sons spend time with their French relatives each year.  They’re growing up bilingual, and “it’s really important they see my husband’s family in France,” she says.  She’s happy that even with “Bond of Silence” production, they were able to get to Europe for three weeks during her hiatus. 

“My life is a Rubik’s Cube of scheduling,” she says. 

With “Grey’s Anatomy” production moving right along into episode five for the coming season, Raver’s Dr. Teddy Altman is well into a new romance with James Tupper’s character.

Speaking of series creator Shonda Rimes and the relentlessly intense episode that ended last season – with a crazed gunman on a shooting rampage against hospital personnel he held responsible for his wife’s death — Raver says, “I think it was a genius move by Shonda and her team of writers, what they did with that finale.  It took all these characters that viewers know and love over six years and gave them somewhat of a rebirth.”  Raver feels the writers have been able to retain the core elements of the show that appeal to fans, yet make it fresh as the beleaguered medical team moves forward.  “To be able to find a way to do that in an interesting way is really rare,” she says.

Chandra Wilson Plans a Breather for Family Time

Chandra Wilson

With “Grey’s Anatomy” wrapping production of its current season, Chandra Wilson tells us, “For the sake of my kids, I will say publicly that I’m doing nothing for two months” over hiatus.  “That makes them really happy.

“I’ve worked straight for three years,” adds the mother two daughters, who were born in 1992 and 1998, and a four-year-old son.  “It’s nice to stop and go to PTA meetings and be there for their finals and regular stuff that needs my attention.”

Still, she adds, “I’m so grateful for those opportunities, from start to finish.  That’s the balance all working moms have to deal with.”  Her non-“Grey’s” activities in the past three years have included her Broadway run in “Chicago,” and her Emmy-nominated performance as a homeless woman in the Hallmark Channel film “Accidental Friendship” — and “Frankie and Alice,” the feature she shot with Halle Berry that wrapped early last year.

“It was a meaty subject, a meaty character,” she says of the movie that has Berry as a woman afflicted with dissociative personality disorder — with an alternate personality who’s a racist white woman.  “I play the sister of Halle’s character and, as with a lot of mental cases when they go undiagnosed, she’s just viewed as ‘the crazy one’ of the family.  It’s a big deal for the family, which has built up a lifetime of resentment, to finally come to terms with it and learn that something clinical is actually going on with Frankie.”

However, she notes, she hasn’t heard anything bout “Frankie” in a while, and “I don’t know when it will be released.”

Chandra Wilson Hopes ‘Grey’s’ Goes On and On

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has suffered a 12 per cent viewership dropoff this season, making it one of a trio of aging ratings giants (‘CSI,’ ‘Desperate Housewives’) that have taken double-digit hits in 2009-2010.  Show creator Shonda Rhimes has another medical drama on the way taking her attention.  And Katherine Heigl is gone.  It’s enough to make fans feel McQueasy.

But fear not. Chandra Wilson is full of assurances: ‘We know we are a solid anchor for Thursday night and I know that our intention is to continue to make a great show.’  She notes, ‘The actors have two more years on our contracts and the writers are confident they have two more years of story.  After that they could write and write and cross that threshold where they keep going, like ‘Law & Order.”

That would suit the actress, who’s won four Emmy nominations and a SAG Award for her portrayal of one-of-a-kind surgeon Miranda Bailey, just fine. She says she’s definitely still enjoying the show and putting her all into it, ‘every single minute, every single day, every single script that comes down. There’s always something new to look forward to, a new angle, something about my character that’s interesting.’ And she doesn’t take it for granted. ‘Looking at things as an actor, everything is temporary. It’s my seventh year at ‘Grey’s,’ but to me, it could all end tomorrow. I might have been the one to get hit by the bus, because that could have been a big ratings-getter.’

Chandra just got recognized with another NAACP Image Award — she now has four — this time for directing.  It was her first ‘Grey’s’ stint behind the camera, so the honor was ‘very unexpected and flattering’ she says.  Her second episode as director aired recently and gave her the intriguing task of directing her own love scene with hunky Jason George.

What a dream job!

‘You would think, right?’  She laughs.  ‘It was an interesting line, about the romance and about Bailey’s first kiss with him.  I got to do a lot of playing with choices with the cameras.  That was an exciting day.’  But alas, George is headed off to Shonda Rhimes’ new show, ‘Off the Map,’ so is Bailey in for heartbreak?  That’s the pilot,’ notes Chandra.  Then she adds, ‘We try to keep some things inside our family.’

Julia Louis-Dreyfus: ‘Douche’ is Fine With Her

Julia Louis-Dreyfus CBS Photo Warwick Saint

Julia Louis-Dreyfus CBS Photo Warwick Saint

“Douche” is just fine with Julia Louis-Dreyfus — and she doesn’t care who knows it.

The comedienne’s “The New Adventures of Old Christine” sitcom was cited in a recent New York Times page one article for its usage, 26 times this season, of the word that is unarguably offensive to some people.

Dreyfus is not one of those people. “I have to be honest. It makes me laugh,” she says of the word that, according to the Parents Television Council, has been used some 76 times this year on prime-time series. “I guess I’m crass. I don’t know, there’s something about the combination of vowels and consonants in the word I find inherently funny.” (As, apparently, does David Letterman, who mocked the Times’ story on his show this week.)

Julia, the mother of sons Henry and Charles, ages 17 and 12, respectively, adds, “I’m afraid I must admit I’ve heard the word in my house. I’ve tried to be stern about it, but just couldn’t keep a straight face.”

Julia says that, like her television alter ego who babies her son, she is finding it hard “to let go of my babies. It’s obvious they must grow up, but the whole separation thing is a bit of a bear.”

She refers to husband Brad Hall as “a wonderful man as involved in our children’s lives as I am. I’m fortunate that way. Also, being on a show with many working mothers makes everyone keenly aware that work is a juggling act, to get the job done and go home. The show is very well organized as a result.”

She can see the terrific “Christine” going on for some seasons yet, “but nothing lasts forever.” She does foresee Christine finally finding a love life, but says “There will definitely not be a happily-ever-after for her.” Why not? “Because it’s not funny,” says the very funny lady.

THE COURSE OF TRUE LOVE…: “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Kevin McKidd admits to a certain degree of personal turmoil over the testing of his character, Owen’s, relationship with his beloved Cristina (Sandra Oh) — as Kim Raver’s heart surgeon character, Teddy, has appeared on the scene out of Owen’s past.

“I love Owen so much; he’s a really great character. And, I love Cristina very much. I find it hard, playing a character like this, I’m very attached to Owen’s happiness and contentment. I don’t want anything that disturbs that to happen, but the truth is, for it to be a drama, things have to happen,” acknowledges the actor. Expect the situation to intensify on tonight’s (11/19) episode.

MEANWHILE: The red-haired, Elgin, Scotland born and bred actor, who rose to fame in films including “Trainspotting,” addresses those internet reports that have him taking on the title character in a remake of the cult fave big-screen “The Highlander.”

“My agents are looking into this,” he says of the stories that have been cropping up for over a year. “There are a lot of rumors with my name being bandied around about it. It was a great film, it would be great if they’re remaking it.”

He can, for sure, be seen as the god Poseidon in “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief,” “Chris Columbus’ next big movie. It’s about a teenage boy in modern-day New York who discovers his actual father is the Greek god of the sea. It’s so different — a huge fantasy movie with big budget special effects — it was really a blast,” he says of the feature, scheduled for February 2010 release.

READY FOR HER CLOSEUP: Beautiful 20-year-old Katerina Graham, known to fans of the CW’s hit “Vampire Diaries” as the psychic novice witch Bonnie Bennett, certainly takes the responsibility of her role seriously.

“I’m constantly working on her, doing her back story,” says Graham, whose own back story is intriguing stuff (more on that later). “During the week, we were shooting the episode where she’s possessed, I was researching possession and people who’ve been said to be possessed — monks, gurus, priests — looking for any sort of religious findings to give myself a better perspective on how to go about playing it.”

She goes on, “Since my character’s ancestors were in the Salem witch trials, I read about those. I watched ‘The Crucible’ and ‘The Craft.’ I also watched ‘Dawson’s Creek’ to see how Kevin Williamson’s stories evolved, and ‘Kyle XY’ to see Julie Plec’s,” she says, referring to the “Vampire Diaries” co-creators’ past credits.

And, she’s viewed the previous work of “Vampire Diaries” director Marcos Siega, to understand him better, too. “There’s a lot of work that goes into playing a character,” she says.

Graham, whose grandfather was a UN Ambassador from Liberia, is the daughter of a Liberian father and a Russian Jewish mother. She was born in Geneva, Switzerland, and speaks four languages. With her father a music executive, Katerina has been around show business all her life and has been acting professionally since the age of six.

She has a long list of episodic credits including such shows as “The O.C.” and “Hannah Montana.” She’s also performed as a background dancer for names ranging from Lil’ Bow Wow to Missy Elliott and Jamie Foxx. Now, however, she’s focused completely on “Vampire Diaries,” which has a full 22-episode order from the network.

“I haven’t had a break in about two or three weeks. Thanksgiving I ‘m going to be with my family, cook, and have four days off. I’m definitely ready,” she says.

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster

Tony Shalhoub Already Nostalgic For Monk

Tony Shalhoub

Tony Shalhoub

Tony Shalhoub reports that his “Monk” series troupe is just passing “the half-way point of the season” – in production of the eighth and final season for the USA Network show that’s earned him three Emmys for his portrayal of obsessive-compulsive detective Adrian Monk.  And, he says, “We’re already getting nostalgic for it.  People are already looking at me with puppy dog eyes.”

He admits, “We all love to work, and we all love to have work, so to step away from something so strong and successful – of course there’s a risk involved.”  Still, “I’ve spoken with the writers and I think we’ve all agreed there’s only so much you can mine out of this character.  Nobody wants to move into the area where it starts to feel stale, or the quality starts to drop.  Since everything does have to come to an end, we want it to happen in the right way, where we’re in control of it, not a situation where the plug gets pulled.  I think it honors the audience this way.”

The eighth season premiere is coming up Aug. 7 and Season 7 will be released on DVD July 21.  Among the highlights ahead, he says, is an episode featuring Elizabeth Perkins, “Mr. Monk’s Favorite Show.”  “She plays a woman who was a child actor on Monk’s favorite series he watched when he was a child – the only series he watched, a ‘Brady Bunch’ kind of show.  As an adult, she’s written a tell-all book that is not at all flattering, and Monk’s image of her is destroyed.”  Also, they’ve just finished shooting “Mr. Monk Takes the Stand,” an episode in which Jay Mohr guests as a “super, super strong savvy defense attorney who’s never lost a case, who is defending a criminal Monk knows is guilty.”

MEANWHILE: Shalhoub tells us he’s too “invested and immersed in ‘Monk’ to think much about life after ‘Monk,'” and he’s keeping his options open.  But what about reports that have him involved in a possible revival of “Lend Me a Tenor” with Stanley Tucci directing, and T.R. Knight and Alfred Molina in the cast?  Their reading of the show awhile back was supposed to be hush-hush, but “Grey’s Anatomy” followers keeping abreast of developments in Knight’s departure from that show made it public knowledge.

Notes Tony, “It really is a funny play.  We’re going to be doing another reading of it in a few weeks in NY.  We’re all taking a hard look at it.  No one knows if it’s going to happen for sure.  Everyone tiptoes around it for awhile.”