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‘Harry’s Law’ Team Trying Not to Think — Much — About New Competition

Kathy Bates and Christopher McDonald

Kathy Bates’ “Harry’s Law” may have survived its critical drubbings to become NBC’s most-watched drama, and it may have netted Bates an Emmy nomination — but that doesn’t mean smooth-sailing ahead for the David E. Kelley show, since it’s been moved to Wednesday nights opposite tough competition.

“We try not to think about that, but of course to some extent, you can’t avoid it,” notes Christopher McDonald, whose media hound lawyer character, Tommy Jefferson, becomes a full-time regular this season.  “I miss our 10 o’clock Monday night thing.  We’ll see how ‘Playboy Club’ does there.  We’re up against Simon Cowell’s new show (“X Factor”), but I think our audience is a different audience,” he adds.  They also must contend with “Modern Family” and “Criminal Minds.” 

“Harry’s Law” returns Sept. 21, fortified by guest stars Jean Smart, as a prosecutor, and Alfred Molina, as a man accused of murdering his wife, in a three-episode storyline.  Handsome Mark Valley of Kelley’s old “Boston Legal” is also aboard. 

And then there’s Tommy Jefferson, who moves into upstairs office space in the same shoe store building as Harriet “Harry” Korn.  

“She tolerates Tommy, and Tommy really admires her.  He’s really connected to her that way.  It’s terrific to have the kind of repartee that David writes for us,” McDonald adds.  “It’s great chemistry.  He’s writing a beautiful heart for this guy.”

 But as for whether their electricity will turn into a full-on crush, the actor says he can only speculate.  “Sometimes I think David is writing us toward that end, sometimes I don’t.  I would love it.  They may dance a little, get a little intimate in their conversations sometimes.  Tommy really adores her, but he also takes prosittutes, so have no idea where David is going.”

Jean Smart Glad Her Portrayal of Camilla is Positive

Jean Smart, Victor Garber Hallmark Channel photo

Jean Smart, who’s joining the cast of Kathy Bates’ “Harry’s Law” in the recurring role of a prosecutor — she’ll be seen in the first three episodes of the new season — says she’s also considering taking on a play this fall. 

“It’s not a comedy,” she tells us, though she doesn’t want to go into detail as yet.  She adds, “It’s good to get the chance to flex your stage muscles, and it’s been so long since I did a play.” 

Smart flexed her acting muscles in a whole different way as Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, in tonight’s (8/27) Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “William & Catherine: a Royal Romance.”  She’s glad the charming movie presents a more positive, warm and fun image of Camilla than has historically been the case in the media.  “I think people are coming around to her,” she says.   

Well, at least Jean’s version.